Saturday, July 28, 2007

Special Blogathon Edition of Thursday Thirteen, Edition #36

Hi Zeus!

We've been reading your blog for a while.

We are curious about your sister, Isis. Doesn't she have anything to say?

Dazey Jesse and Conner Cloud

Dear Dazey, Jesser, and Connor Cloud,

Seeing as though I did not post a Thursday Thirteen yesterday, this is as good a time as any to tell you thirteen reasons why my sister, Isis, does not post very often on my blog:

1. This is The Zeus Excuse, not The Isis Crisis.

2. Her obsessive compulsive disorder would keep her from finishing a post as every i would need to be dotted and every t crossed.

3. She has cyberphobia.

4. Paranoia should not be encouraged...even if it is funny.

5. Constant twitching leads to bad typing.

6. Her war with Fuzzy Bear doesn't leave much spare time for blogging.

7. Isn't it more interesting to read about my pranks on her?

8. Though she would never admit to it, Isis is a hard-working geisha girl. You can imagine how tired she is after working the circuit.

9. She's a hater. Need I say more?

10. Because when you have too much in common with Golum, you need to be contained.

11. There's a lot of tampons in this world that need her to submerge them in water so that they may be freed of their cardboard applicators.

12. She can't handle having adoring fans like I can!

13. I'm more sophisticated, dashing, charming, intelligent, and did I fail to mention, stable?

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The Meezers said...

Hi Zeus - we are just stopping by to wish you well and say HI!

oh, we has a question: Does Phil Koegan from The Amazing Zeus still have a "thing" for your human pet?

The Meezers said...

ok so actually, we has like a squillion questions for you - but this one is weighing heavily on our mind - Has Blackie gotten help for his carbonated kitty water problem? if so, what step in the process is he on?

Zeus said...

Oh Meezers...

So much to tell you, so little time...