Sunday, April 23, 2006

10 Things I Hate About Zeus

10. Everyone thinks he's so purrrrfect.

9. He rolls over on his back, and people think it's cute. I could roll over on mine, but then that requires effort.

8. How is fat cute and cuddly?

7. He may think I'm his bath slave, but if I didn't bathe him, he would never do it himself. This is my way of giving back to the community.

6. He's so fat I can't get to the food bowl. Are you sure he's not a ginger pot-belly pig? It's possible, you know.

5. Whenever I get to snuggle with the Mama on the bed, he jumps on the comforter and knocks me off. Do I sense jealousy?

4. Whenever Mama calls me, his name suddenly becomes "Isis". I'm sorry, but there can be only one.

3. Zeus is the only cat I know that chases his own tail, and when he does catch it, he bites down on it and welps. How stupid can you be?

2. Have I mentioned his Buddha Belly? No one wants to see that.

1. He didn't have to get anally expressed!!! (Maybe if he had, he could have dropped a few pounds. Chunky butt!)


The Meezers said...

Isis, About number 3 - well, MY little idiot brofur Miles did just that last week - and fell off the couch when he did it.

You shur are purrty!
- Sammy

=^..^= said...

Awww... Buddha Bellies ARE cute! And a video of Zeus chasing and chomping down on his own tail would be precious! ;)

~5-Cat Style

Fat Eric said...

Hi Isis

Hey, Fat IS cute and cuddly - well, it is in my house! Us gingers can't help being so cute and appealing you know. Have you thought of trying to beat Zeus at his own game by lying around showing your fluffy tummy looking cute?

Fat Eric said...

By the way, Isis, could you tell Zeus I added him to the list of links on my blog? Hope he doesn't mind!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Well - Zeus may have his faults but you sure are purty. I finds all kindsa tings wrong about Beau Beau too. He's so jealous and he jumps on my head all a time.

Diva Kitty's Mom said...

Yes Ms. Isis, you are just as pretty as Mr. Zeus; however, you are the only one to have a tv show! A perk.

Patches & Mittens said...

Very good list......I may think on making one!!

Derby said...

One can never hate another Gorgeous Ginger. Can't hate or even dislike a fellow GG.

Zeus, I added you to my links.

DEBRA said...


My grey tabby brofurr is big and cuddly. Lots more to love on...he is just a big teddy bear.My odder brofurr Ping is a lean mean fightin machine. All he wants to do is play wif his mice. I haffa be careful wif Ping as he will bop me on da head if I meow at him too loud.


Isis said...

Sammy: Thank you so much for understanding!

5-Cat Style: I'll work on it!

Fat Eric: I will let him know about the link. He has a link to you on this one as well. As for lying on my tummy, oh goodness no. I don't do that. No way. No how.

Angie: Thank you for the compliment!

Diva Kitty's Mom: I hadn't known about the television show. I thought that was very interesting to look up. Thanks for one more thing I can use in my battle with Zeus!

Patches and Mittens: Thanks!

Derby: I'm sorry to disagree with you.

Abby: I would love very much if Zeus just respected me. He doesn't pay much attention to me at times, and I always end up doing what he says. It stinks.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Isis, some cats are easier to live wif than others. Bonnie is grumpy an almost nefur nice to me at all. I'm always nice to her, cept when I just HAF TO pounce her. I either ignore or submit, but she refuses to be nice. By being patient and accepting our fellows' faults an good points, we can hope for the same from them. An when that doesn't work, swat and rant in their blog!

Bonnie Underfoot said...

What do you expect? He's male. I sympathize, Isis. I do my best to avoid stoopid Victor and I'd rather nefur touch him, but our paths cross an no matter how much I hiss an growl, he's not leafing. Oh, HOW could they do this to me?