Sunday, August 05, 2007

Flea Games, Chapter 11: Sister Scout

Previous Chapter(s): After dinner had finished, Zeus lumbered over to the living room to lay down upon his throne: the green patterned slip-covered sofa. His belly now full, he let his mind return to the mysterious sneeze and pondered the possibility that there might be trouble afoot within his domain. Releasing a yawn and licking his front paws casually, he considered what his next course of action should be.

As Isis walked by the sofa to stretch out on her back underneath the mosaic coffee table, he said to her, "I believe you should go on a scouting mission, Isis."

Isis' eyes grew wide, and her ears perked as she turned her attention to Zeus. "A scouting mission? It sounds...dangerous!"

Zeus nodded. "It is, but we need more information. I am sure it is nothing you could not handle. I'd do it myself, but one should wait four hours after eating and drinking to perform scouting missions."

Isis looked at him curiously. "I ate too," she said questioningly.

"You have a smaller stomach. Therefore, it's only ten minutes," he explained.

"Oh, that makes sense," she said as she nodded. Zeus smiled softly. Manipulating his sister was his finest art form.

He then began instructing her: "Stay low and hidden. Make no noise. Keep your eyes and ears alert. You'll have to report back to me everything you observe so I hope you have a good memory. Can you do that?"

Isis sat at attention and brought the tip of her tail to her forehead as she lifted her chin, stating, "Yes SIR!"

Zeus nodded, holding back his laughter. "Good. Wait ten minutes and then make your way to the garage."

If Isis did even a somewhat decent job, he would have a better idea of what he was up against. Granted, he could have gone into the garage himself, but what creature, big or small, would suspect anything malicious or deviant from his deranged sister? No one ever took crazies seriously.


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Thanks for continuing the story. I'm looking forward to the remaining parts.

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This is a really great story. I am very intrigued.