Sunday, July 29, 2007

Flea Games, Chapter 9: Expectations

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As the final cheers died down in the crowd, Ramzi pulled Harbali aside and asked, "Is everything ready for tomorrow?"

Harbali, if he had an eyebrow, would have raised it right then in a questioning manner.

"I'm not sure what you mean, my friend," he said. If there was something that he had been responsible for, he had been unaware. Quickly, Harbali considered the past few days and his conversations with Ramzi and tried to remember some tidbit of significance that he might have forgotten.

Ramzi's face scoured as he said, "Bah! I can't believe you! We have to gather the troops! We have to lay out our maps of this accursed house! We have to devise a plan for entry! We have to prepare our weapons! I can't believe you hadn't done any of this!"

In a small voice, Harbali replied, "Well, I would have if you had but told me to do so, my friend."

"Oh bah!" Ramzi let out an exasperated sigh. "What kind of soldier are you? Must I tell you everything!"

Harbali hung his head. Ramzi's disapproval was more than he could bear. "I will get the troops together, my friend. I will do so right now."

"Good," affirmed Ramzi. "See that you do, and let me know how many strong we are when you are finished."

Harbali sulked deeply as Ramzi took off for his private quarters. With his shoulders low and his feelers limp, he turned and walked off towards the remaining crowd of fleas.


Pablo said...

I know I shouldn't feel sorry for fleas, but poor Harbali...

Anonymous said...

I love the eyebrow bit......