Monday, September 13, 2010

Pup My Ride Rocks!

Livin' the life in Utah!
[Photo via Endless Tours]

Pup My Ride, run by Best Friends Animal Society, may just be one of those best kept secrets of the West Coast. Some 3,500 small breed dogs have been saved from Los Angeles kill shelters thanks to the program. Read more here!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Human Pet!

We'd like to wish our human pet a very happy birthday today. Without her, we'd have a hard time bringing all of this somewhat interesting stuff to you.

We're celebrating by NOT doing the following:
  1. Leaving hair on her comforter
  2. Peeing on the carpet
  3. Pooing in the master bathroom
  4. Eating strange things off of the floor
  5. Tripping her up in the hallway
  6. Fighting with one another
  7. Bitching for food
  8. Walking on the keyboard
  9. Tearing open the garbage
  10. Clawing at her shoes
Have a great day, human pet! You deserve it!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Celebrity Pet Hotel Opening Soon to Los Angeles

[Photo via The Barkley]

No humans allowed!

At least that's what the marquee should read at The Barkley's latest opening. The hotel, which started in Orange Village, Ohio (which is really just Cleveland with a fancy name), has quickly become a nationally recognized leader in luxury pet lodging.

The latest branch, scheduled to open on October 25 in Los Angeles, is designed with only A-list celebrity pets in mind. Rumor has it that posh pets will have their paws immortalized in a set-up akin to the Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

If you're anything like us, then we suspect you might need something a little bit more down to earth. No worries! You can search hundreds of US lodgings to find places where pets are welcome.

Is Your Cat Obese? Figure Out His FBMI!

Back away from the beer and get off the couch, dude!
[Photo from The Daily Tail]

Just like humans, cats have their own body mass index. It's called feline body mass index, and it's relatively easy to calculate according to Embrace Pet Insurance:

Gathering Information:

While your cat is in a standing position, with the legs perpendicular to the ground and the head upright:
  1. Measure the circumference of your cat’s rib cage. (The level of the 9th rib is ideal.)
  2. Now measure the length of the lower back leg from the knee to the ankle and write down both numbers. You'll need them for what's next!

Calculating the FBMI

  1. Divide the rib cage measurement by 0.7062 and subtract the length of the leg.
  2. Divide that answer by 0.9156.
  3. Subtract the leg length from that number, and that is your cat’s FBMI.
Post your cat's FBMI below, and let's compare!

Lampanelli Gets Herself a Small Dog

Does this mean you're a douchebag now, Lisa?
Lisa Lampanelli and Parker

[Photo from PEOPLEPets]

Lisa Lampanelli may be losing her tough girl attitude thanks to her recent adoption of a rescue Yorkie. Lampanelli, a first time pet owner, named the pup, Parker, after Sarah Jessica Parker. The comedienne claims she used to joke about people with small pets:
"We had a joke, 'You may be a douchebag if your dog doesn't come up to your knee' "
All douchebags aside, the pup was adopted thanks to A Cause for Paws. Thanks for giving the little ones a chance, Lisa!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Pets Dressed Up as Famous People

Yoda and Audrey Hepburn
[Photo from This Blog Rules]

Ever wondered what your pet may look like if he dressed up as Dr. Spock or Michael Jackson? Wonder no more! Check out this somewhat hilarious display of pets dressed up as famous people at This Blog Rules.

Dancing Merengue Dog

Meet Carrie and her owner, Jose Fuentes. They're a dancing duo from Chile, and I think they're fantastic! Wouldn't it be great if they made it on Dancing With the Stars? Let's make it happen, my little furries!

Send DWTS a message on their Facebook page telling them you want to see Carrie and Jose live!

Cat Shot 30 Times Is Well, Looking for Adoption

Lovey's X-ray revealing her 30 pellet wounds
[Photo from St. Petersburg Times]

Officials report that Lovey, 5 year-old black cat that had been shot 30 times with a pellet gun and left to die in Tampa's McKay Bay last week, is doing well and looking to be adopted. The suspects are believed to be juvenilles which worries officials as research has shown that young people who commit acts of violence against animals often develop more aggressive tendencies against humans into adulthood.

Hillsborough County Animal Services is currently investigating. If you have any information, you are urged to call 813-774-5660. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is also offering a $2000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Live Tiger Cub Found in Suitcase - Unbelievable!

You deserve first class, not low class!
[Photo from National Geographic]

Are we the only ones shocked about this live tiger cub found in a suitcase at a Thai airport? We hope our human pet doesn't get any ideas about us!

Soup Kitchen for Pets

Don't worry. Ares isn't going hungry.
[Photo from Guideposts]

In these hard times, it's nice to know that there are some people willing to do whatever it takes to keep families together, including those with pets. In Germany, Claudia Hollm became so upset that people were having to give up their pets for adoption that she decided to open up her own soup kitchen for pets.

The organization named Tiertafel (meaning "animal table") is Berlin's first soup kitchen for animals, and its success depends entirely on donations and volunteers. In 2008, Hollm told Reuters:
“Nowadays people underestimate dogs. They are incredibly important for those who lack social contact with other humans. Making sure dogs don’t go hungry is just as important as making sure that people don’t starve.”

Pint-Sized Pool Shark...Err Chihuahua

Amadeus the Chihuahua has got some skills! According to, Amadeus learned how to play pool after being continuously praised by his owner, Connie Baldwin. All it took were a few words of encouragement ("Go get the ball" to be exact),and the pint-sized pool shark began traveling down the road of hustling hearts.

Talk about the power of positive reinforcement!

Sirius Republic Collars Giveaway

[Photo via I Love Dogs]

Pawcurious is hosting a giveaway where you can win a Sirius Republic Collar for your little furry. There are two ways to enter, both of which take five seconds. All you have to do is the following:

1. Go to the website, peruse the collection, and leave a comment on Pawcurious' post saying which collar you would like to have.

2. Become a Facebook fan here. You still need to leave a comment here so the people at Pawcurious make sure you get your extra entry!

Entries close on September 11 so get on it, my little furries!

Kristin Bauer Fights for Chimpanzees

Bauer bares her fangs for chimpanzees
[Photo from MamaPop] is reporting that Kristin Bauer, best known for her role as Pam on HBO's True Blood, has been writing letters to the National Institute of Health to protest the transfer of 200 chimpanzees from New Mexico to a Texas research facility. The NIH, however, has responded that the animals are critical to advances in human health.

If the plan for transfer goes through, the chimpanzees will be relocated some time in 2011. For now, Congress continues to debate whether legislation is needed to shut down federal chimpanzee testing for good.

Monday, September 06, 2010

To My Tweets...err Peeps

I'd like to extend a shout-out to petsforlifeeh and smithynews for sharing our articles on Twitter. I appreciate the tweets! Keep it coming, my little furries!

Cat Slides Down Stairs

As I have no stairs in my house, I was fascinated by this video. Do your little furries do this on the stairs in your house? Let me know below!

Pets Now on Staff for Hotels

Chance, the Chocolate Labrador, Dog Director of Operations at Paws Up
[Photo from MSNBC]

According to Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, pets are now on the payroll for some hotels in America. Though these pets may be treated with celebrity status, they have a serious job to do - improving guest relations by providing fantastic customer service. Below are a few places you could visit to meet these canine and feline (and avian!) maƮtre ds:
  1. Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, Montana: Meet Chance, the Chocolate Labrador, Dog Director of Operations
  2. The Algonquin Hotel in New York City: You can hang out with Matilda, the 15 year-old Ragdoll kitty whose popularity has reached superstar status.
  3. Firesky in Scottsdale, Arizona: Bosco, the Cocker Spaniel, who was a frequent guest to the hotel, is now Director of Pet Relations.
  4. The Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston: Catie Copley, the Labrador Retriever, has her paws full entertaining guests in this 383-room hotel.
  5. JW Marriot Desert Springs Resort in Palm Desert, California: You can spend some time on the wild side with Thelma and Louise, a pair of Guyana toucanets.
  6. Hotel Indigo Midtown in Atlanta, Georgia: Indie, the Jack Russell Terrier, is the general manager's trusted sidekick.
  7. The London West Hollywood Hotel in West Hollywood, California: Garbanzo, the English Bulldog, greets guests with the bellmen on Fridays.
  8. The Guanahani Resort and Spa on St. Barths: Papyrus, the Fat Cat, and his entourage of fourteen felines have free reign in this Caribbean paradise.
  9. Keswick Hall in Charlottesville, Virginia: Wendy, the Border Collie, is the official duck and goose re-locator on your hunts.

Beach Dogs!

Am I the only one hearing Chariots of Fire?
[Photo via Doggie Stylish]

With summer coming to a close, The Doggie Stylish Blog has put together a fabulous photo display showcasing dogs on the beach. Click here to see all twenty photos!

Menswear Mouse Toys

[Photo from]

I'm not the least bit surprised that Martha Stewart has figured out a way to make delightful menswear mouse toys. Stewart offers step-by-step instructions complete with photos so you'll have no problem with this craft project. The only question now is whether or not they can withstand my claws!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Small Zoo at Kirstie Alley's House

Lose the lemurs already!
[Photo from 2MuchReality]

Kirstie Alley's house is "a small zoo", reports The National Enquirer. Some readers may be familiar with just how many animals are at the actress' home thanks to her reality show, Kirstie Alley's Big Life. According to The NE's insider:
"Kirstie treats the lemurs as if they were her children. She's even written them into her will, and she pampers them to no end. Adding up the cost of their keepers and their organic diet, caring for them cost Kirstie $40,000 last year!"
Maybe her next stint could be an episode on Animal Planet's Animal Hoarders.

Canines and Felines Crazy for Peanut Butter!

Just how sanitary is sharing a peanut butter-laden spoon? Step away from the Jiff, my little furries!

Perry Purrs

[Photo from TopNews]

Katy Perry will be launching her feline-themed fragrance named Purr in November. The perfume, rumored to smell of apples, peaches, and bamboo, will come in a cat-shaped bottle complete with bejeweled eyes. When it came to naming her fragrance, Perry apparently found inspiration with phonemes:
"I'm a very lyrical-based person, and the whole 'purr' thing kept coming back - the sound is in perfume, perfect, even Perry if you say it a certain way."
My own perfume line will be coming this spring. It's called Zoo. It will reek remind you of the choking savory scent of liter dust maple wood chips and rotten fresh bananas.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Dickinson shows some love for poor puppy

Janice Dickinson shows her love for this bulldog puppy
[Photo from Daily Mail]

On Thursday, September 2, Janice Dickinson was spotted loving on various animals in a local pet store in Sherman Oaks, California. Unfortunately for this poor sap (above), she chose him to smooch and cuddle.

Run away, bulldog puppy! Don't kiss the lips that Botox made!

Giving Pets Up for Adoption On the Rise

98 Rock and Baltimore Humane Society Biker Pet Contest
[Photo from 98Rock]

According to WJZ out of Baltimore, Maryland, the economy is leading many people to give up their beloved pets for adoption. The Baltimore Humane Society stated that many of their animals are double to triple bunking. The situation has gotten so bad that the BHS is even offering a two for one special - adopt two cats for the price of one.

Obviously, an organization that hosts biker contests is too awesome to be ignored! You can help the BHS by donating or spreading the word.

Looking for a new pet and in the Baltimore area? A complete listing of the animals available for adoption at the BHS can be found here.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Bears in Cleveland...Among Other Things

[Photo from WZAKCleveland]

If you're considering something a bit more exotic for your next pet, you might just pack up and move to Ohio. According to a new article by FOXNews, Ohio is one of five states with weak restrictions on ownership of exotic animals.

Of course, that probably explains how Sam Mazzola was allowed to harbor bears, wolves, and tigers on his compound in...I'm sorry, I have to pause when I say this...CLEVELAND...and how one of those bears managed to kill 24 year-old Brent Kandra, a caretaker on the property.

Ohio's latest ballot measure proposes that existing non-native animals, like the ones Mazzola continues to keep, but owners would not be able to breed them or replace them when they die.

Note to self: I won't be traveling to CLEVELAND any time soon.

Alligators Take Over Chicago!

World's Largest Snake Found Dead

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Lions and tigers and dyed dogs, oh my!

Yes, that's really a dog. I promise.
[Photo from Bayou 95.7]

Dog owners in China are now dyeing their dogs to turn them into tigers, pandas, and even turtles. Owners say the pets love their new looks because they receive "tons of love and attention" as a result. Experts claim, however, that the dyes can possibly be fatal to the canines, and regulation is needed as a result.

Note to human pet:
I would like to be dyed so I resemble a panther (because I'm worth it...or so I keep hearing from the tv). I have never been quite fond of my golden fur. Besides, black is slimming so this could do wonders for my self-esteem. Please arrange a flight to China stat!

Celeb plastic surgeon dead after tweeting about dog

[Photo from Vitals]

For once, I'm glad I don't have opposable thumbs. Otherwise, I'd do crazy things like tweet and drive.

It seems Dr. Frank Ryan was doing just then when his car drove right off of a cliff on August 17, 2010. Ryan was tweeting about his border collie, Jill, posting a photo of the dog on the beach. The final tweet came at 4:10. Jill was in the car with Ryan when the accident occurred, but she is alive and well, recovering from her injuries.

Here's wishing Jill a speedy recovery! Get better soon, girl!

Clarkson Bares All For PETA

Clarkson protesting the Queen's Guards' caps
[Photo from The PETA Files]

Lucy Clarkson, a British model, has joined the ranks of those famous enough to bare it all as part of PETA's Go Naked campaign. To see other stars in all of their glory, check out W.E.N.N.'s Naked for PETA slide show.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

An Award for Ares!

Ares would like to thank fellow Boston Terrier, Mack, for honoring him with this prestigious blog award! We here at The Zeus Excuse are extremely honored! With this award, come some guidelines:

1. Please thank the dog who gave this award to you and link to them.
2. Name 10 (yes 10) things about yourself. Try to be as creative as possible.

3. Pass this special award onto 15 doggie bloggers. It doesn't matter whether they are old or new.

4. Comment on the new receivers of this blog to let them know of the love.

5. And the most important: HAVE FUN!!!

With number one complete, we will move on to 10 things about Ares. Drumroll please!

1. Ares doesn't like to go to the bathroom outside at night.
2. He doesn't like the rain.
3. He always knows when medicine is in his food bowl, and he will eat everything else in the bowl except for that one teeny tiny pebble of medicine.
4. If he had a middle name, it would be Hoover because he is indiscriminate when it comes to cleaning the floor of food nibblets.
5. His favorite toy is a $1.00 squeaky mail box that the human pet picked up at Wal-mart.
6. Ares loves butterflies.
7. He enjoys chasing Isis around the house. Isis, however, does not return the sentiment.
8. Ares makes a face known as "Black Lip the Pirate" when begging for food at dinner time.
9. He snores louder than any human on earth. His farts, though, are quick and to the point.
10. Recently, Ares has taken to posing like a groundhog, sitting on his rear legs and sticking his front paws up into the air. We're thinking of taking him to the circus.

We might not be able to name 15 doggie bloggers so we are passing this award along to the ones we know of and love:

Ayatollah Mugsy of Pug Life Ministries
Dachsies Rule
Lois Lane

There Can Be Only One Snookie...and It's Not Her

[Photo from Bleacher Report]

The infamous Snookie from MTV's Jersey Shore has been trying to have her nickname trademarked, but she has recently run into trouble thanks to a cartoon orange tabby that shares her 'pet name' (pun intended). The name has already been trademarked for an upcoming children's story entitled "The Adventures of Snooky". According to the New York Post, the book is about an orange tabby who happens to fall overboard on a fishing expedition.

Talk about freaky! Not only do the two share the same name, but they happen to be the same color and have an affinity for falling off of objects for no apparent reason.