Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Miss Litterbox, 2007

There she is, Miss Litterbox
There she is, your ideal
The dreams of a million felines
Who are more than pretty
May come true in Atlantic City

Thanks to my good friend, Radioactive Jam, who recently informed the world of the Miss Atom 2007 pageant, I was inspired to provide an feline outlet for such a competition.

For the first time ever*, feline females, be they fixed or natural, hairless or matted, stray or purebred, will be judged according to the strictest of standards for beautific excellence. Behold: I bring you Miss Litterbox, 2007!

Entry Rules

Who: Any cat, so long as she is female.

How to Enter: You're required to compete in one of the following areas: Evening gown, talent, or bathing suit. Use your creativity! An example (And I stress the word "example" because God only knows how wrong this is.) of a bathing suit entry might be as follows:

When: Have your entries posted on your blog by midnight on Saturday, February 10, and provide me with a link to your post in the comments here as well. Voting will be open to the public on Monday, February 12 and end on Wednesday morning at midnight.

What You Win: Miss Litterbox, 2007 will receive a super-duper, ultra-cool, diva kitty collection courtesy of The Zeus Excuse. Items such as tiaras, minks, wands, etc., are subject to vary, but will most definitely be purchased at a fine pet couture retailer, i.e. PetSmart.

Feel free to download the header photo and spread the word to the feline blogosphere. Even if you don't have a cat blog, that is NO reason not to participate! If you have a fancy, fine, foxy female, it's time you share her with we sex-craved toms the world!

So what are you waiting for? It's time to get out there and shake your tail like you just don't care! Post those photos! Who knows? You just might win the coveted title of Miss Litterbox, 2007!

*May not actually be the first time ever, but first is so subjective a term that it really is debatable in my humble opinion.


Carmen said...

Pooh is devastated that he can't participate. Sexism! He says. But I can't wait to see the entries. :) Will Isis be participating?

Bill C said...

Gaah! That picture!
*insert near-seizure sound effects here*

May your contest overflow with entries. Definitely better than having the same thing happen to the ol' litterbox, eh?

Sparky Duck said...

my eyes burned out after the picture, i think i need to lay down

LZ said...

I'm so so mad I can't submit myself as the human computer typers will be away. Good luck with your contest! I can't wait to see the winner!


The Meezers or Billy said...

um there is somefing furry furry desturbing about that pikshur. I hopes that the entry pikshurs are much better!! We has our S list up!!!

Anonymous said...

After seeing that photo, I'm not sure I want to be associated with such a thing Zeus! My gosh!

Is Kukka judging or participating?

Bobkat said...

That pic certainly is not right! :-)

I look forward to seeing the entries though!

Thanks for the nice comments about the new look of my blog :-)

Bone said...

Oh, I know they di-unt!

Oh, help us, they did.

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

My eyes!!! My eyes!!!! You should probably partially blur photos like that in the future.

I look forward to seeing the entries!

Anonymous said...

I may have to enter Malia in this one! LOL! Can Kaimana enter, too? Or are drag queens not allowed?

Daisy said...

Zeus! This looks like a fun contest! I have already posted my entry in the competition! Here is a link to my Swimsuit entry


If Momma had photostop she would let me enter...but since I won't let her put me in a evening gown I guess I can't participate.

Abby (a queen in her own mind)

Anonymous said...

You know you'll have to sponsor a 'Mr. Litterbox' contest for us guys who feel a bit left out. ; )
I only have eyes for ma as I'm fixed.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

I can't wait to see all the hot lady cats who enter!


Skeezix the Cat said...

Why is it only gerls can enter? That duzn't seem fare.I have a grate evening gown, and I look reely nice in it. And yoo woodn't have to give me a tiara cuz I have one of my own.

Dallas Meow said...

despite the revoltingness of that picture - i just can't stop reading.

Kukka-Maria said...

Skeeeeezix, "really nice" in an evening gown does not a Miss Litterbox make. If you can't bring the probably should just stay on the pink, furry couch. ::wink::

(Kukka even trash-talks in contests she's not even entering! That bitch has got stones of steel!)

Anonymous said...

I'm entering the talent portion of the competition!

Here is my talent!

The Crew said...

Gosh, too bad our Mom's been OOT and couldn't get an entry together for Tipper & Misty!

But, we think there should also be a "Mr. Litterbox" competition. On second thought, Skeezix would automatically win since he's the only male blogging cat who owns an evening gown.

Zeus said...

You have until tomorrow night at midnight, Misty and Tipper!

Gemini said...

Zeus, we hope it is okay but Chey posted hers on my blog 'cause she didn't want to post on her blog now cause she is having a commentathon. I have also entered! Our entries are both on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Zeus, do I look fabulous or is it just Gemini! I should hate to be left out of the whole running!

Pixie said...

I would like to enter the Evening Gown Competition.

Actually, I am a little shy, but my sister Daisy encouraged me to enter.

OreotheCat said...

I finally got Abby to enter my picture for me...she didnt get to put my lovely gown on me so i settled for a talent photo!

View at

Thanks for holding a great contest Zues!