Sunday, July 29, 2007

Flea Games, Chapter 7: The revolutionary

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A few days after Harbali had been with Flarul Flislam, he had met the charismatic and electrifying Ramzi. He was unlike any other flea Harbali had met. He considered drinking the blood of hosts to be destroying the temple bestowed to each and every flea by Flallah. He also did not condone the act of consuming feces left by the host as this too was a desecration of the most holy possession one had. The only thing Ramzi would eat were leftover bits of vegetable matter, and these he would harvest from the Black Mountain (otherwise known as the garbage can), returning with a bounty each and every time.

"One must be careful to keep one's self pure from the infidels' persuasions," he would tell Harbali upon his return.

It had been Ramzi who had taught Harbali about the ginger and silver infidels and their mistress, The Gigantess.

One day, The Gigantess had entered into the garage, carrying soft cotton human relics in her hands. She had begun to operate a strange whirring device that filled with water, completely oblivious to the nation under her feet. Ramzi had instructed Harbali from a safe distance in the caves as they both observed her: "If you feel the vibrations of The Gigantess approach, run to the Red Rock Caves. Do not think twice for you will die for your hesitation. Her step has been known to kill hundreds of our kind for she is both cruel and relentless."

And when the ginger infidel had first appeared to make marks in the Oceanless Beach (otherwise known as the litterbox), it had been Ramzi once again to enlighten Harbali: "He is the enemy, Harbali. He is filled with decadence and corruption. Look how he enslaves The Gigantess to clean after his waste. Only a pompous and arrogant fool would command another to do such a horrid act."

So taken with Ramzi was Harbali that he did not require much convincing to join Ramzi in his jihad against the ginger infidel. Ramzi had only to suggest that a holy war was quite necessary under their current conditions: "If we do not rise up against the infidels, our oppression will only continue. The Red Rock Caves cannot hold us forever. Our destinies lay in glorified jihad against the infidels for death in the way of Flallah is our highest aspiration!"

Ramzi's fervor was contagious, and news quickly spread throughout the caves as fleas communed with one another. As more fleas rallied to follow, Harbali stood beside his friend in pride, content in knowing he was second-in-command. Ramzi's revolution would be unlike anything the fleas had ever known, and Harbali mused that this was how his name would be remembered throughout flistory.

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