Sunday, July 29, 2007

Flea Games, Chapter 6: Flallah's mercy

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Harbali covered his tube with both of his front feet as Ramzi froze in terror.

Had the ginger infidel heard him sneeze?

Would their secret location be discovered?

The fleas huddled tightly together, mostly out of desperation, as the ginger infidel came closer to the Red Rock Caves. Not a breath was released as they sensed his approach. They could feel his stare upon the human relics, imagining his furry countenance to appear cold and heartless.

The fact that the fleas had no eyes to witness the infidel only added to the heightened sense of heart-wrenching anxiety.

Time seemed to stop as the fleas waited for either death or Flallah's mercy.

As if in answer to their most private prayers, the ginger infidel turned away from them and left the confines of their sanctuary. In unison, the fleas released a collective sigh of relief, but soon after, all feelers were directed towards Harbali.

"You could have ruined us all, Harbali!"

"We could have died!"

"Praise Flallah for saving us from Harbali's misdeed!"

Harbali hung his head in shame. He had not meant to sneeze, but the dust from the Red Rock Caves was overwhelming. His allergic weakness had chosen the wrong time to come forth, and it nearly cost him, not only his own life, but the lives of his brotherhood.

"I am deeply sorry, my brothers. I could not help myself," Harbali uttered in remorse.

Ramzi laid a comforting foot on Harbali's shoulder and said, "No worries, my friend. Flallah has a plan for us all, and in this plan, you were meant to sneeze. Perhaps it was Flallah working through you to send a message to the ginger infidel that he should sleep with one eye open this evening for tomorrow, his world changes forever!"

With that, a clamoring "Ayah!" rang through the air as the fleas cheered. Raising his voice even louder, Ramzi continued: "Yes, tomorrow, the ginger infidel shall know the pain of a million fallen fleas! He shall beg for mercy, but none shall come!"

Once more, a collective "Ayah!" boomed, and while the fleas celebrated the coming dawn, Harbali could not help but wonder if the ginger infidel suspected they were coming for him.


Anonymous said...

Chapter 7 please! the suspense is killing me :)

Kate (Pablo's mum) said...

Whoa. This is one heavy story!

The Crew said...

Aaaccckkk! We take a few days off due to computer issues and look what we missed!