Saturday, July 28, 2007

Flea Games, Chapter 3: Sing-along

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A discordant song pounded through the house, and its screeching melody slammed into the ears of the ginger tabby snoring loudly on the loveseat. Zeus languidly stretched and scanned his surroundings. The song sounded familiar, but the brash notes made his stomach lurch.

Leaping off of his resting place, the tabby padded down the hall and immediately was caught off guard on his right as the slamming, shrill voice of his sister screaming in the den smacked him in the face:

"HeY tHeRe DeliLAH,
Don't YOU worry aBouT the DIStance
I'm riGhT tHeRe if you get LOnely
Give tHiS song ANother LiSteN
Close YOur eyeS
LiSteN to MY voice it's MY disguise
I'm BY your SiDe

OHHH it's what YOU do to Meeeeeee"

"Isis, for the love of all that's holy, stop it!"

Jostled from her nostalgia, the silver and gold calico jumped off of the window ledge on which she had been perched and turned quickly to face the door of the den. Annoyed, she snapped, "I'll sing if I want to sing! I can do what I want!"

"You could, but not at the expense of my ears," Zeus replied.

"Oh? You know what you are? You're just a -"

Just then, the tiniest sound waves ruffled the light hairs on the inside of Zeus' ears, causing the fur along his back to stand on end.

"Quiet!" Zeus turned his attention to the door on his left. The noise was coming from inside. "I hear something coming from the garage."

Isis tip-toed towards Zeus and sat beside him, cocking her head to one side as she listened. Lowering her voice, Isis whispered nervously, "Is it me, or does that sound like a chant?"

Narrowing his eyes, Zeus nodded and with a backwards glance at his sister, he pushed the pet door flap forward and entered into the darkness.


The Meezers or Billy said...

oh no, what will our hero do? and who's side is Isis on?

Anonymous said...

OH NO OH NO OH NO!! Don't do it man!!

question: Where did your awesome blogging skills come from?

The Crew said...

Dude, such bravery! To venture out into the garage alone & unarmed, 'cept for your paws of death, of course.