Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, Edition #32

Thirteen False Cognates (English/Spanish)

Out of love for my dear Mexican hairless feline friends, I have been working on my Spanish lately. See if you can figure out the false cognate in the following English sentences. Some of them are quite amusing!

1. The snake was so large!

2. My mom is embarassed so she can't fly on airplanes.

3. I was the ultimate student to leave the room.

4. Yesterday, we went to the store to buy some ropes.

5. Please put these papers in that manilla carpet.

6. You don't have to support that!

7. Could you get me a vase of water please?

8. There was a very bad choke on the highway this morning.

9. Did you record our meeting this afternoon?

10. The party was a huge exit!

11. I assist to the office every day.

12. Look at all of the beautiful wildflowers in the camp!

13. Their body was so beautiful that I cried when they said, "I do!"

Need help? Visit Obvious...But Wrong or Amigos Falsos!


Carmen said...

Hola! Ne se habla espanol. :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea for a list.

Gattina said...

Pheeww ! I know Italian but no spanish although it's quite similar,lol no idea ! But I also have 13 things to ask about english !

The Meezers or Billy said...

ok, we will "pretend" to do this: (get it? hahahahahaha)

1. yep, snakes is long
2. The human pet is PREGNANT? WHAT?
3. was you taking a test that was hard and efurryone else finished and leaved 'afore you?
4. yep, mommy buys clothes at the store too
5. tricky! we didn't know that's what a carpet was in spanish
6. our mommy supports a LOT wif us.
7. I prefer mine in a bowl, I can't get my nose too far down in a glass.
8. there was a furry bad choke in the lifing room last night - Sammy knockded down a big metal bowl and it maded lots of noise!
9. oops. no i forgotted the meeting.
10. this thursday thirteen is a huge exit wif us!!! this is fun!!
11. well, if you does that, you is a furry considerate and helpful poodin!
12. we doesn't haf a field near us, just a garden.
13. Mommy cries at weddings too - she efenn cried at hers!

Zeusie and the Human Pet - this was so much fun!!!! Fanks for letting us play! Does we win? (just kidding.) No, seriously, does we win? (really, just kidding, Miles is just being molesting) Now, I'm off to warm up my voice and try out of the U of R tuna. - Sammy

Karen Jo said...

That is a very interesting list. I got some of them, but others went right by me. I don't know much Spanish at all and that is probably the reason.

Denise Patrick said...

Since I don't speak Spanish, I'm no help, but I can tell which ones were probably translated wrong.

Karen Jo said...

Zeus, I've given you the Thinking Blogger Award. Come by my blog to pick it up, if you would like it.

Anonymous said...

It's Skippyjon Jones!!!! We LOVE him!!!

Toffee K. Ripple Fuzzypants & Feline American Angels said...

Those are terrific, Zeus. As a Feline American living three miles from "La Frontera" en Tijuana, B.C., I should be fluent in espaƱol ... Alas, no. I do speak fluent taco stand, though.

NOLADawn said...

J'aime confused!! :D

Phoebe said...

Tracy and I got all of them except the last one. It is funny how some Spanish words sound like you know what they mean when you don't..

Phoebe said...

OH, we get the last one now, cause of the meezers' hints. But I don't think the word 'boda' doesn't make me think of body...

Zeus said...

Carmen: It's alright! It's not a requirement for our friendship.

Scooper: Thanks a lot!

Gattina: Yep, Italian and Spanish are very similar. I think you could easily use your knowledge of Italian to figure this out.

Meezers: VERY IMPRESSIVE! Great work, Miles and Sammy! As always, you two never fail to disappoint.

Karen Jo: At least you tried! I think it's amazing how much we know of other languages without realizing it.

Denise Patrick: Yes, it's obvious in a lot of them! ;)

Meezer Gang: Who DOESN'T love Skippyjon Jones. My pet is the biggest of the small ones. ;)

DaisyMae: Fluent taco stand-ese reaps a lot of benefits. Extra sour cream and guacamole to say the least...mmmmm!

Nola: Ha! That describes me most of the time.

Phoebe: I'm glad you enjoyed the list. The best story I ever heard was of an American girl who stayed in Mexico with an exchange family. At a rather unusual party she attended, she told the host parents she was "embarassed", but instead, told them she was pregnant. Classic!

Kukka-Maria said...

Brach has his cognates removed when he was a kitten.