Saturday, December 16, 2006

Updates just for you

Today was filled with lots of hard work, and it is all for you, dear reader! If you are new to the blog, or you just want to catch up on things that you have missed, please check out any one of the three new reference areas found in the Links section:

  • Bona Fide Classics: This section will point you to some of the more interesting posts found within The Zeus Excuse archives.

  • Common Routines: This section features regular articles such as my infamous interviews, my tips on wooing females, and of course, my Thursday Thirteens.

  • The Amazing Zeus Series: If you ever wanted to read the entire story, all of the articles are ordered from beginning to end for your viewing pleasure.


    Anonymous said...

    I thought I would have a quiet sunday and now I stumbled over so many links in your post ! Will take me a little time to look at them !

    PrincessMia said...

    Well done, Zeus. It's good to get organized every once in a while.

    Anonymous said...

    Wooing females? What's that exactly?