Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kitty Hazing, Part 2: Carbonated Kitty Water

Can I just start off by saying that Zeus is awesome? No, he's amazing. Fabulous? Fantastic? Wonderful? Ok, choose your own word that expresses extreme awesomeness and go with it because that is what he is!

Let me just tell you what he has decided to share with me: Carbonated kitty water!

At first, I admit I was skeptical. After the tour of the house, I fully expected that he was going to pull some horrible trick on me, but no, not this time!

"Hey, Blackie! The human pet just came back from the store, and she bought some carbonated kitty water! Have you ever had it?" he asked.

"No. I didn't even know they made carbonated kitty water."

"Well," he explained, "it's made in almost every country on earth, but the human pet doesn't like to buy the American kind. She prefers imported carbonated kitty water. Her favorites to give us come from Holland and Ireland. I guess she's a little bit snotty, but I'm the one who raised her so I suppose I have to take some blame for that."

I was in disbelief at the time so I said to him with a bit of sarcasm, "So let me see if I got this straight: You're telling me...that Mom buys expensive Dutch or Irish carbonated kitty water... for us?"

He nodded his head several times. "When she goes to bed, I'll let you have some."

"Why does it have to be when she goes to bed? Why can't it be now?" I asked.

"Because the carbonated kitty water is so special that she doesn't want to ruin the experience of it by being near us while we have it. She honors us by going to sleep so we can have something all to ourselves," Zeus said.

"Ah, I see." I was still a bit hesitant, but I have to admit I was more than a bit curious to try this mysterious drink.

When the human pet went to bed, Zeus opened up the refrigerator and brought out two green bottles. He ripped off the caps, and I drank until my heart was content. It was so bubbly, so crisp! It tingled on my tongue! My head began to swim a little, and my vision got blurry, but Zeus told me that was why the carbonated kitty water was so special: It was liquid catnip! Oh, it was heaven!

Zeus got a little bit worried after I asked for a third bottle. I think he was just concerned that he wasn't going to get any! He said, "The human pet doesn't like it when we overdo it so we're going to have to leave her a note to remind her to buy some when she's out. She just likes making sure it's on-hand for special occasions."

With Zeus' help, I was able to add our request to Mom's running shopping list:

Zeus says there are many types of imported carbonated kitty water to try. I am really hoping Mom buys more soon so I can try the other varieties!*


*If you live in a different country, please let me know what kind of carbonated kitty water you have so I can remember to write it down on Mom's shopping list. However, if you want to send me some, that would be great too! There's plenty of change on the floor here so I am sure I could come up with enough to reimburse you!


Mama Duck said...

Ha ha ha ha ha.... wait until you find the BIG bottles....

The Meezers or Billy said...

hahahahaha. poor Blackie, now he's hooked on carbonated kitty water. oh, mommy says that Bass is the bestest kind of kitty water.

Carmen said...

Never liked that carbonated kitty water. Now the kitty vodka, that's good stuff. ;)

Kukka-Maria said...

I think I'm drunk just reading this! I just wish I had been there, Blackie, when you downed that beer.

I would have loved to chant your name while flashing the "Cats Gone Wild" Camera.

"Blackie! Blackie! Blackie!"

The Crew said...

OMG Zeus!!! Liquid catnip...I can't believe it! Being a member of Catnip Anonymous and trying to control my 'nip problem, I don't know if Mom would let me try any of this, but if you can tell me where to buy it, I might be able to sneak a bottle or two into the house.


P.S. Sounds like you'd better keep a close eye on Blackie, now that he knows where the good stuff is hidden.

Ivan from WMD said...

We don't have any of that stuff--my mom doesn't like that fizzy action.

Emma's Kat said...

Blackie! Zeus! I'm telling your mommie! ;) Lol!

Gemini said...

My Momma doesn't really like carbonated kitty water, but I guess she's not a cat huh? At any rate, she said in Portland, they had all sorts of special carbonated kitty water that somes in small amounts made my small companies that is supposed to be furry good for those who love their water..

Just Ducky said...

Blackie, you are a Whiskconsin cat. What are you drinking 'green death' for?

If you want something good, try a nice microbrew or at least something you grew up with. Sheesh.

heck even Miller MGD is better than 'green death'.

That carbonated kitty water, well, stick to regular 'nip, OK?

Shaggy and Scout said...

Darn! Did you drink it all? We'd like to come over to help! It's also more fun when a bunch of us all drink it together!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Dad has a speshul kind of kitty water that's not made wif wheat or barley cuz he's lergic. But we agree wif Derby, Leinenkugel rules.

When the boy was 3, he demanded a sip of Mom's "apple juice". She insisted it wasn't apple juice an he wouldn't like it, but he insisted, so she let him haf one sip. He didn't like it an said, "THAT'S NOT APPLE JUICE."

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Zeus, we chihuahuas have tried carbonated kitty water, and we don't like it. I'm glad you guys had fun, though! Woof!

Tigersan said...

Me was in a supermarket once...
a long story and something me must do again ;)
All such water is imported from the states or elsewhere. :(
Me've never had some... but it looks fun :)
But writing on a shopping list isn't something me can do yet.... hmmm, maybe if me email them a shopping list ;)

Anonymous said...

one true-blue singaporean carbonated kitty water that i could recommend you both, Blackie: tiger beer. the tiger is part of the kitty family too, no?

personally, i'd prefer recommending you guinness :D

Anonymous said...

the only kind of carbonated water we haf says SMIRNOFF on it, but we didn't know it was fur kitties - the Lady was prolly gonna surprise us wif it, so I guess we should drink up

Gemini said...

Oh Zeus, we tagged you. Come and see.

auntie p said...

Haha, that's so funny! You're a mischievous cat, Zeus.

Bobkat said...

Hey Zeus, thanks for dropping by and wishing me well. We have lots of carbonated kitty water here in the UK but some of the best comes from India and is called Kingfisher or Cobra :0)

Lone Star Purrs said...

We gots a var-i-ety in our fridgemator. All momma and daddy's friends keep their carbonated water in their too. Momma's isn't carbonated an sez Malibu. Hmmm...gotta try some. BTW...Momma wants to know how the Def Lepard concert wuz??

cat_aunty said...

Hahaha Zeus, you are a little devil! We do have many types of carbonated kitty water in Singapore, most are imported. The one that best represents our country is Tiger ( Put a ROARRRRR into you!).

Anonymous said...

Okay, how did Zeus rip open those bottles? Even I have a hard time! LOL!

a fluffy feline friend said...

Hi Zeus and Blackie. Jasmine went to Belgium once and said they had lotsa different fruity carbonated kitty water. Apparently Belgium is famous for it. Her favourite was the framboise-flavoured one. She said framboise means raspberry. Miaow.