Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen Edition #1

Thirteen Reasons Why My Sister Isis is Schizo

1. She eats any bread product (bagels, hamburger buns, loaves, etc.) out of plastic bags.
2. She can't be touched, but she wants to be touched.
3. People can only touch her skull or her tail if they wish to walk away unharmed.
4. She'll bite the hand that feeds her.
5. She will only sit by a person if that person is on a bed. (Any bed will do!)
6. She always snaps at you when you place a hand on her to pet her, as if she is surprised that you have decided to pet her.
7. She drinks so loud that you can hear her throughout the house. Lap, lap, lap!
8. She has an affinity for watching tampons expand in her water bowl.
9. She loves Bounty paper towels...ripped, torn, and shredded.
10. When people enter the house, she will attempt to run outside, but then quickly realizes she has ran outside and will dash back inside.
11. Her way of opening the pet door to the garage is by sitting in front of it and swatting the flap until it has enough momemtum for her to dash through to the other side without her body touching the flap. (Longest estimated time spent in this activity: 20 minutes)
12. She can open any door with her paws.
13. She has private, barking (sounds very much like squirrels) conversations with birds that land on the deck in the backyard.

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Anonymous said...

welcome Zeus!! I know a cat that gets a little snippy at touching, too. difficult, yes?

Tess Termulo said...

I love #8! Hehehe
My TT is also up. Please do visit:

Raggedy said...

Good Catty list!
My TT is up

Meira{FB} said...

What is it with paper towels and cats??? It's such a pain cleaning up all those little tiny shredded pieces! Worse is when they get in the bathroom and take the toliet tissue. I came home from work one day, the end was still on the roll, the rest they had run through the house every which way and shredded half of it. It was an all night affair cleaning that up!

Happy Thursday!

Fat Eric said...

Are you sure Isis isn't just suffering from a massive inferiority complex brought on by having such a handsome and talented brother? She does sound pretty screwed up to me and in need of some kitty head-shrinking. I am being sent to kitty jail tomorrow, Zeus, if I haven't been freed by August 6th please would you organise the prison break to get me out? I know I can rely on you!

Knitting Maniac said...

Good list!!

My TT is up, too!

Happy TT.

Zeus said...

Karen: You have no idea how bad Isis is. I think she could take down a grown man all by herself.

Tess: I have tried and tried to get to your blog, but it keeps having trouble. I will visit as soon as I can!

Mysterious: She has done that too. In fact, that was one of her very first stunts as a kitten. My human pet was so upset that she didn't have a camera!

Fat Eric: I will definitely make sure to break you out of jail if you are not out in time. Never fear, brother!

IndyPindy said...

That was so funny! And very weird about the tampons and the kitty door!

Can dogs do this too?

IndyPindy said...

Zeus, your Flickr photo set is so cool! My mom sent it to a friend of hers who loves cats!

Ivan from WMD said...

Oh my. Isis kinda does sound like my sister. And don't you thinks they kinda look alike, too?

Anonymous said...

Meowza - great list >^.^< Thanks for visiting my T13. Ask your tall friends to get you some ice cream to try ... I think you may like it

Gypsy said...

Cats are such crazy critters.

Mine's up!.

Anonymous said...

haha..great blog!

Thanks for dropping by!

Southern Girl said...

Very funny list! Your sister sounds like one of former cats, Daisy. She definitely had an attitude. Or should that be cattitude? ;)

Thanks for visiting my TT!

Anonymous said...

Ha! If only my kitties were this smart...We call them Puke and Snot for some very obvious reasons (thanks go to the MD RenFest dynamic duo... :) )
Thanks for stopping by!

Mama Duck said...

LOL too cute! Happy TT!

Tink said...

Haha, great list! Thanks for visiting my TT!

Unknown said...

Zeus! Our cat does the same thing. We've tried to place him outside, only to have him turn tail right back in.
Have a great Thursday!

Carmen said...

Man Zeus, how can you stand to be in the same house with her? I mean - tampons? Ick. Though my cat "chirps" at the birds when he sees them sitting on our gutter taking a bath. I'm glad you got around to doing your first TT.

Lilize said...

hehehe i'm a TT newbie, and shocked that even cats have it haha

Anastasia Hunt said...

LOL... this is a great list!

Tommy and Teaghan said...

That is some list. She does seem a little weird but altogether interesting.

armywife said...

i think your isis and my evilkitty were from the same litter.

my 13 are posted too at

Emma's Kat said...

What a cool idea! Okay Zeus! Question: How do you do a link w/in the comments? For example: Wm.'s comment "sounds like my sister". What html do you use to do that?

Zeus said...

All you type is the following (without the brackets):

[]Your link's text[]

Hope this helps!

Zeus said...

Ok so that didn't work too well...

Put < then type a href="address of site" then another > then the link's name < / a >

Maybe that will go through...

Nathalie said...

LOL, I love this one, cats can be...well...'eccentric' at times. But still, what else can you do but love them :)

Darla said...

Isis sounds like a real character. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Zeus
Thanks for visiting our blog. How do you put up with Isis??? She is worse than Flynn. He is always running around like a mad thing, and in the middle of the night, he goes out in our run and starts yowling at the top of his voice. He wakes me and the beans up with a fright, then goes back in on the sofa or the bed and goes to sleep. Then we can't get back to sleep.He doesn't bite the beans though. If you have to rescue Fat Eric, we have told him we will help you. We tried to put your link and other kitties on our site, but it didn't work.Fat Eric told us how to do his with all the funny letters and that was ok. We'll keep trying.

Kukka-Maria said...

Wow...I hope being #31 on the commenter list doesn't make me #31 in your hearts!

Isis sounds a lot like Brach. He will paw at my mom's arm, asking to be petted, then shrinks away when her hand tries to rub his back.

Maybe we should set them up, Zeus!
Schizo and The Neurotic. If they don't fall in love, at least it might make a good sit-com!

Trish Ess said...

Isis sounds like she could be a lot of fun! :)

Thanks for visiting my TT! I always visit everyone who visits me! :)

Niwi said...

Yay catblogs!

I should do a list of things about my kittens next week. I swear my cat's part dog -- we've heard her bark and growl.

GreekGoddess said...

Isis sounds liek a handful but wirdly interesting !!! Nice list

Anonymous said...

Wow I agree some of these are strange. Especially # 8 and I won't ask how you found this out.Yet as for # 7 and 13 I have to
say she's not alone for I share these traits also.Oh no maybe I'm Schizo.I also hate to have my back touched and I've been known to hiss at things that are not there.