Monday, May 22, 2006

Zeus' Legends Ball

Welcome to Zeus' Legends' Ball! After reading Kukka-Maria's experiences with The Big O and her Legends Ball, I was inspired to honor some fellow kitties and humans who are making a difference in our blogosphere. Those listed below are in no particular order. We can always add more so feel free to leave your own nominations!

This is Alisha. Alisha lives in Hawaii, and she takes care of many rescue kitties. Among them is Lucas: a very special-needs kitty who wears a diaper because he cannot control his bladder. Alisha has been documenting her life with Lucas in her blog titled Prince Diaper. Thank you, Alisha, for everything you are doing for our island felines!

The dashing tuxedo to the left is known as Edsel. Edsel eluded Custom authorities for one week due to a mishap involving a can of stinky goodness. Not many other felines would have been so smart as to figure out a method of escape nor a place to hideout until the coast was clear. We salute you, Edsel, for challenging our beliefs on biohazards!

This is Finnegan J. Katz. Thanks to Finnegan's hard work and dedication, Victor Tabbycat is now allowed to roam free. A few weeks ago, Victor was accused of possibly breaking a small pot and destroying the life of an innocent plant bystander. If it hadn't been for Finnegan working pro bono, Victor probably would have had a tough life behind bars. Thank you for your tireless efforts in rescuing our friend, Finnegan!

These are the 5-Cat Style Sisters. If you ever wondered what it was like being a foster mama, these two can provide you with excellent insight. Their terrific photographs offer a digital scrapbook of memories that showcase their encounters. Their latest incident involved helping an older panther named Gucci become comfortable with his younger sister, Tiffany. Thanks to their kind intervention, the two are getting along splendidly! Thanks 5-Cat Style Sisters for all your hard work!

Thanks to this warrior, his homo sapien pets can sleep at night knowing that their yard will not be infiltrated by tall, flatfaced, pink flamingos! Moose of Les Trois Chats saved his family by raising the alarm after spying the intruders. He yelped, meowed, and hissed his way into a fury, and had he not, who knows what would have become of his poor family? Thanks Moose for having courage when others simply stood by helplessly.

Enduring specieism and overcoming the odds, Empress Kukka-Maria continues to strive forth as the only feline actress able to not only star in motion picture blockbusters, but also date the leading homo sapien man! Thanks to the Empress, a whole new generation of kittens can aspire to greatness as she has opened the once closed doors of this great occupation. Thank you Empress for being a pioneer when so many did not have the perserverance nor the talent.

There is a fight going on everyday on the island of Hawaii, and these Poi Rats are the ones struggling to survive! We salute you, small furry ones, as you rally forward to live in the same space as cats and buns. You have the right to live where you want to live, and we hope you find peace through your efforts. Continue the good fight, Poi Rats! You truly are extraordinary!

That lovely, spirited lady to the left is Zuleme of the weblog, Caturday. Zuleme has helped many kitties with her shelter and aided them in finding great forever homes. Her current kitties are simply adorable, and I highly suggest you take some time to check them out! They're terrific wrestlers as well!

The Calico Girls, Beau, Timmy, Petey, Smeagol, Strider, Gizmo, and Mystery too have made big plans to set up our first annual Catolympics. I think that is pretty legendary as well! Thanks for all your hard work on this amazing project! We surely appreciate it!

Psychokitty, otherwise known as Max, was considered an inspiration to the feline blogging community. He has been blogging away happily since October of 2003. Without Max, we might never have known what would it would be like for felines online. Max has also published two books: Something Of Yours Will Meet a Toothy Death and The Psychokitty Speaks Out: Diary of a Mad Housecat. Thank you, Max, for opening the door to a new communication medium for cats everywhere!


The Meezers or Billy said...

Furry nice Zeus! We would like to nominate Zueleme of Caturday - she does such good werk with the shelter up where she lives. And also Patches, Mittens, Mistrie and mom Toni (the Calicos) and Beau and his Momma for their hard werk on the catolympics, and their general all around caring about efurryone in the blogging community. And lastly, Psychokitty Max, who was the inspiration for most of us kitty bloggers.
Is that too many?

Zeus said...

I think those are fabulous nominations! I hadn't been able to include as many as I would like as I was having problems with Blogger, but as soon as my human pet comes home this evening, she and I will work on adding those to the list. Thanks Meezers!

Kukka-Maria said...

I only wish I knew you and the rest of the cat bloggers when I had my Legends Ball. I'll post about it on Friday, but let's just say there were some celebrity animals that couldn't hold their liquor...

What an incredible list of honorees you had at your Legends Ball, Zeus! I am humbled to be among them.

Yes, I said "humbled." Why are you laughing?

Alisha said...

I'm honored! Thank you so much! Good news...a rescue organization on Oahu has one acre that is cat fenced and it looks like they have room for Prince Diaper!

Carolina Cats said...


I am humbled to be in such great company. Thank you for adding me to the Legends Ball.

Finnegan J. Katz, Esq.

Shaggy and Scout said...

Very very nice Zeus! The inagural honorees are well chosen and all deserve this special mention. hThey are an inspirathahsdion to us all!

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Thanks, but what I do isn't anything but have fun, compared to the people who save kitties on a daily basis!!! I do feel like all the bloggers kitties are mine and I worry and fret whenever one is sick. I do think we have the best blogging community there is!

Toni (The Calico's Mom)

Max said...

Wow, thanks! I feel special now! :)

=^..^= said...

Oh, Zeus... *wipes tear*... you are such a dear. Thank you. Oh wait! Someone here has something to say.

*Bombay's head pops up*
Hurrow efurrybody! Hurrow Zeus! Thank you for finking of my foster mommies. My bruffers, sisfurs and myself have lurrved getting to know all of you. Some of you fine kitties have efen become furry good furriends to us. Thank you! I lurrve our cat blogging community!

~5-Cat Style & Bombay

cat_aunty said...

Oh Zeus, I think it is a very grand thing you have done there. These people sre indeed legends!

Zeus said...

If people like this idea, I might just do it every year! It would be nice to honor people like this annually. Perhaps it could be something we vote on - the human pet knows how to set one of those up.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the recognition! I never get the recognition I deserve, unless it's for something I did wrong. Still, I sounded the alarm when those pink hooligans showed up, trying to muscle their way into the house. Who knows what would have happened if the Moose hadn't been on guard? I thank you for your nomination.
~ moose




This was stupendous! That's a BIG word for a little kitty!


Victor Tabbycat said...

Wow, Zeus, what a great list! You've been busy. And I nudged in there as the furson Finny helped! I fink next year you'll be a legend.

Sharyn Ekbergh said...

Thanks very much for the kind ( and flattering words) Zeus but for rescue people I would nominate Mandy of Tales and Tails of New York. All I do is take photos of cats and dogs needing homes and write about them. Mandy is on the front lines pulling furkids off the euth lists in the big city. She's doing an amazing job in a heartbreaking situation and we should all support her.

Smeagol and Strider, Mystery (Sunnin' at the Bridge) and Gizmo too! said...

Wow, thanks Zeus! We are honored and humbled to be included with such great company!