Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kitty Swap

Dear Zeus,

Hello there! My name is Stephen Lambert, creator of the provocative hit television show, Wife Swap, on ABC. Perhaps you are familiar with the concept of the program: Two families who have two very different sets of values are asked to participate in a challenge lasting two weeks. The wives of the families are switched, and whatever happens after that is completely left to those involved. Most of the time, there is mayhem and strange antics, followed by screeching voices and plenty of tantrums.

I have been wanting to put myself into a new creative project. After all: Not everyone in America is married, has kids, or even for that matter, lives the life of heterosexual bliss. There are plenty of people who are being left out from the possible viewing audience of Wife Swap, and it is those people that I wish to reach.

I would like to extend an offer to you for my new upcoming program entitled Kitty Swap. The basic premise would be the same: Two families of two different backgrounds with two totally different felines would exchange their cats for two whole weeks. Our cameras would follow the antics that ensue, and after the prescribed time, each cat will be given time to remark on the other's families with candid, heartwrenching remarks.

I do hope you contact me soon so we can begin to make plans for programming. I already have the perfect swap in mind so please do not hesitate. You can reach me either by my cell phone number or email.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Stephen Lambert
Creator of Wife Swap


Parker said...

Man, if I were an only cat...we'd have to talk!

caspersmom said...

Wellllll, I'd just have to think about this one. It's a very unusual situation. Mom already seems to swap cats. She loves up one then swaps for another one and loves up and I only get a fourth of the love I deserve.


Bone said...

Zeus, I would ask what the prize is before agreeing to this.

I think there should be like a gift certificate to Petco or something, to be spent by the other kitty's owner as you see fit.

DK & The Fluffies said...

Oh no way! Awesome!

Kukka-Maria said...

I'm ready to send Brach to any other home, but ours.

I don't even need a replacement cat!

Cheysuli said...

I'm ready to have you come to my house and whip my human into shape. She so needs you Zeus!

Anonymous said...

This seems too dangerous...what if the other human pet needs more training than the current pet? What if they are stingy on temptations. We think you should reconsider this one...what if they don't have a proper sofa to scratch?

Chaiyah, Mookie and the human pet who needs constant training.

purrchance to dream said...

Wow, Zeus, you know some famous beans!
While Spooker would be more than willing to send Chloe & me away (furrever!) I don't think that her old nerves could stand another strange kitty in the house, not even for two weeks.
But we can't wait to see the results of this 'speriment!

The Meezers said...

we wanna play!!! we wanna play!!!
we doesn't care what the prize is - we will still play anyway! tell us where to sign the contrakt.

momsbusy said...

hmmm, this could be interesting. you could end up in a home with several servents that wait on your every whim. OR the opposite. are you willing to trade what you have for the unknown. it could be a grand adventure, perhaps a new best selling book. think of what you could buy with all the royalty money! something to consider.

yuki & kimiko