Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Cat Blogosphere

If you're new to the world of cat blogging (and yes, I said 'world' as in expansive, gigantic, and even immense!), then you may not be aware of just how many fabulous blogs exist in this genre. There are literally squillions!

Squillion: [skw-ell-yun], noun: An imaginary high number. Can refer to any amount such as five pieces of candy, hundreds of emails, or even a billion friends depending on the user.

To keep up with all of the latest news, check out The Cat Blogosphere. Participants help fellow cat bloggers in times of need, provide advice as to how handle pesky feline problems, and let's not forget to mention all the parties and contests they host! Consider this site the beginnings of Feline World Domination!

A very special thank you to the fine kitties at The Cat Blogosphere for spreading the word concerning my efforts today! I appreciate it! You can check out the write-up here.


That's Purrfect said...

What a brilliant blog! Thanks for the advice about the Cat Blogosphere - I am just about to check it out. Good luck with Feline World Domination - a worthy aim!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zeus,

We are wondering how you and the Human Pet are dealing with the lack of concentrated nap time? Good luck and keep blogging.

We love the SPCA as we hypnotized our human pets into adopting us at the SPCA. It just took some eye gazing and purrs.

Mookie and Chaiyah.

Simba said...

Hi, Zeus. I am back again, enjoying reading your posts. Here is another question for you if you would like to answer it: Did you and Isis manage to get the house cleaned up before the Human Pet came back from her vacation? How did you manage for food and litter changes while she was away?
Happy blogging!