Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Write or Wrong Wednesday, Part 3

This is part three of a four-week series concerning writers who have found themselves to be challenged concerning their work but who have overcome such criticism to become acclaimed successes. If you wish to read part one, click here and for part two, click here.

When a man from El Paso, Texas, named Gene Roddenberry came up with the idea for Star Trek, television executives hadn't known what to think. It had taken Roddenberry nearly two years of negotiating before NBC agreed to the show. Roddenberry made not one, but two pilots, and the show premiered on September 8, 1966.

In the final season, Roddenberry had offered to take a job with less pay in the hopes that his show could be moved into to the time slot he had wanted. Unfortunately, the audience was lacking, and after three seasons of low ratings, NBC pulled the plug on Captain Kirk and his brave crew. When NBC had not offered to work with Roddenberry on moving the show's slot, he accepted a job as a staff producer at MGM. His work with MGM, however, did not last long thanks to his first and only project entitled Pretty Maids All In a Row.

Working with Paramount, Roddenberry produced Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but after attempting to pitch a sequel involving the John F. Kennedy assassination, he was moved to simply a consultant position. Though he was allowed input regarding the scripts and details, Harve Bennett (Roddenberry's replacement) was allowed to not accept Roddenberry's suggestions, and Bennett took full advantage of that clause.

Today, Roddenberry's fans are global, numbering in the millions. Through their support, he was able to secure his own star on the Hollywood's Walk of Fame. He even has an asteroid and a crater on Mars named after him! He passed away in 1991 leaving a legacy of science fiction, exploration, and discovery to millions.

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The Musuem of Broadcast Communications: Gene Roddenberry



Carmen said...

Zeus - do you and Isis have any Tribbles? ;)

Anonymous said...

Our mommy meeted Mr Roddenberry when she was in college - he was there to give a lekshur, and she gotted to talk to him. And Mel Blanc once too. But she saided that Mr Roddenberry's lekshur was furry wonderful and then he showed a bunch of bloopers from Star Trek.

Aloysius said...

My only problem with Star Trek is that there were never enough cats in it. The only one was Data's cat, unimaginatively named Spot. (Isn't that a dog name?) But my humans seem to have been big fans of the show, anyway.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Amazing, isnt' it, that 40 years later, Capt. Kirk is still out saving the universe and getting all the good looking women? Our Mom's always been a trekkie, although not to the point of craziness (dressing in costume and attending conventions), and watched all the spin-offs and motion pictures.

Live long and prosper, Zeus!

Luna said...

Hi Zeus! =^.^=

Anonymous said...

He started a huge science fiction movement really didn't he?

Apparently a new Star Trek Movie is being made... can't wait! :-)

Anonymous said...

ars mommees have been a trekkie fan since it was on the pikshure box long long time ago. she wuz just a little bean back then. she donts watch much on the little pikshure box anymors cuz she spends hers time keepin us ans the little girl happy. she finks tribbles ars kyoot buts not as kyoot as kittys. kimiko & yuki

Anonymous said...

Star Trek? Nerd...