Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A burning question

Science fiction.

The final frontier.

Ok, maybe not the final frontier, but it sure does aim to be a part of it, no?

What other category of reading pleasure allows you to know what will be happening in thirty-gazillion years? Apparently, human beings will be doing some pretty interesting stuff: warping across the galaxy on the Enterprise, destroying Death Stars with the Force, and attempting to find a new home because a group of Cylons decided we smelled. At least you could put in your early-bird reservation for that last ship departing from Earth thanks to science fiction.

In more recent years, science fiction has tended to overlap with other genres of literature, making it difficult for the employees of Borders, Waldenbooks, and Barnes & Noble to perform their duties as assigned. Take Tom Clancy for instance. There's lots of drama coupled by technology in all of his novels, but you won't find any of his books among the aliens, werewolves, and oversized ancient monsters in the science fiction section of your local bookstore. With the genre so large, what should and should not be included within its limits?

But that leads to a different and interesting question.

One that I have been wondering about since having viewed the advertisements.

Why is ECW on Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. on the Sci Fi Channel?


Anonymous said...

Maybe they are all aliens? If we watch the show, they will take over our minds and we will become powerless ... or at least, mindless.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Carmen said...

wrestling on sci fi? Are they wrestling in the year 3000? :)

BTW, new show on Sunday nights before Battlestar Gallactica, The Dresdon files. :) I hope it's as good as the books. :)

Anonymous said...

its on because scifi didnt have anything better for that time slot. im not certain really. i watch it. unfortunatly sci fi doesnt have many good shows to fill that slot. there good shows they cancel and want to keep stuff like lex (more like sex really) and those hokey shows. im looking forward to Dresden Files. btw wes all named after wrestlers.

Anonymous said...

maybe because the ECW's first real superstar champion was then 54 year old Terry Funk - kind of unbelieveable?

Anonymous said...

The size of there bodies, through artificial means, makes them scientific freaks?

Anonymous said...

Science Fiction? Nerd...

Anonymous said...

Maybe they have wild suits?