Monday, January 08, 2007

Wild-card Rodeo

I just thought I would point out this weekend's National Football League's wild-card game results:

Colts 23, Chiefs 8

Seahawks 21, Cowboys 20

Eagles 23, Giants 20

Patriots 37, Jets 16

Proof once more that animals kick ass over homo sapiens.

Who knew those Eagles had it in them? However, a word of caution as these green and silver birds move on through the playoffs: Watch out for those cultish fans lurking in the parking lot:


Anonymous said...

Those do look like a scary group of people. We would have to bark at them if we saw them.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Carmen said...

I never realized animals were so good at football! Now I know!

Anonymous said...

What a great observation. We don't follow football, but if there are awesome animals playing, we may need to reconsider!

Nah...we don't watch football.

Anonymous said...

we in Philly knew they had it in them, though yikes this week they play God

K T Cat said...

So what are your predictions the rest of the way? Mine are up.

Anonymous said...

hahaha. mommy saided that it was like re-living the nightmare of living in Philadelphia all those years. And those fans on the video were the SOBER AND TAME fans.

local girl said...

What a hilarious video. Some people are such fanatics about their teams! At least they have passion, I guess!

mannyed said...

I helped my ownee's husband pick this season's football picks for his fantasy football pool. I only picked cats and fish (dolphin). I helped him grab third place!

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