Thursday, April 13, 2006

Litter-training your kitties

Hello again, my feline friends and upright humans,

I have just woken up from my afternoon nap, and now that I am energized, I can help our dear friend, Socks, with his worries concerning litter-training. If you have not read what Socks' distress is, please scroll down so you may read his letter.

Litter-training is indeed a difficult time for both parents and kittens. However, the best rule of thumb is something I heard when someone commented on our upright human pets becoming potty-trained: "No one goes to the prom in diapers".

For my feline friends who may not understand what 'prom' is, I shall explain to the best of my knowledge what this means. Apparently, when upright humans reach the age of 16 or so, they go to this huge social gathering and attempt to rub up against one another, exchanging scents, and performing strange movements while dressed in exotic clothes. 'Prom' looks something like this:

The whole point to this homo sapien saying is that, as you can see from the picture, no one is wearing diapers. They all eventually became potty-trained, and though they might have done it at different times, they all made it happen.

Becoming litter-trained is exactly like this as well! It's amazing how much we do share with our human pets! Every kitty can be litter-trained, and it will all happen in the time in which it is best for the little kitty. There should be no pressure, and every little clump of used litter should become a celebration! Kitties like being rewarded when they do something good so use lots of positive reinforcement so that they associate going to the bathroom as a fun and happy event!

There are also lots of weblogs and websites which address how to help your little one become litter-trained. Check out the following for additional help:

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Thank you for your questions, Socks, and I hope to hear from you soon! Let me know if this has at all helped your situation at home!


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