Thursday, April 13, 2006

Books for kitties

Dear Zeus,

As a first time father of a litter of 3, I'm starting to think about my children's education. Do you have any book suggestions for my young whipper-snapper kittens? Also, any ideas for litter-box training? My pet is getting tired of cleaning up the accidents.

Crystal Lake, Illinois

Dear Socks,

I am going to divide my response to your questions into two separate posts. This one shall regard your curiosity into my recommendations for little kitties' literature. I have amassed quite an assortment of books for you to choose from, and I have ordered them according to the proper age of interest. Enjoy!


Reading Level: Kitten to Kitoddler

Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes

Little kitty sees her first full moon but believes it to be a bowl of delicious milk. This is a sweet and endearing tale!

The Cat In The Hat by Dr. Seuss

This is a fabulous book for little kittens! With single vowel vocabulary, kitties learn word families and rhyming without realizing it. Let's not forget it is a classic tale as well!

That's Not My Kitten: Its Ears Are Too Soft by Fiona Watt

This book has lots of great touchy-feely parts for your newborn kitties to explore with their paws! Terrific read for precious little ones!

Reading Level: Kittergarten to Third Grade

Skippyjon Jones Series by Judy Schachner

Skippyjon Jones is a confused Siamese kitten who believes he is a Chihuahua. These are fabulous books for Spanish phrases and terrific rhyming chants!

Cat Heaven by Cynthia Rylant

This is a very cute story concerning what happens to felines when they pass away. The gentle rhymes accompanied by the spiritual pictures make heaven sound like a wonderful, soothing place to be. Cat Heaven is very rewarding!

The Cat Who Walked Across France by Kate Banks

When his elderly upright human pet dies, this poor feline is shipped to a far-away town. Inspired by his memories, he is called back to his homeland and makes a stunning journey to his first house!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Cat Heaven - it was the most comforting thing in the house for me when I lost one of my kitties. I bought it when I lost the first one (6 years ago), and I found it and carried it around with me when I lost the second a year ago. Every cat owner should have it. It helped the kids, too.
~ tammara

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Hello, Zeus!
I would add a favorite of mine, Barn Cat. She's a lovely gray tabby exploring numbers from 1 to 12 on her farm. The woodcut pictures are beautiful, the writing has a nice, poetic flow, and little ones won't even realize they're learning to count. Barn Cat herself is simply gorgeous, of course.