Thursday, April 13, 2006

Two paws up for Purina Cat Chow: Indoor Formula

Feline friends, as a connoiseur of cat food Purina Cat Chow: Indoor Formula has done wonders for me! Before I started eating Purina Cat Chow: Indoor Formula, I was overweight. I tipped the scales at 17 lbs. Now, nearly a year and a half later, I am a slim and trim 14 lbs, and it is all thanks to this delectable food!

Purina Cat Chow: Indoor Formula has definitely earned the official:


Anonymous said...

Dear Zeus,

As a first time father of a litter of 3, I'm starting to think about my children's education. Do you have any book suggestions for my young whipper-snapper kittens? Also, any ideas for litter-box training? My pet is getting tired of cleaning up the accidents.

Crystal Lake, Illinois

Zeus said...

Dear Socks,

I will post both your letter and my reply in a future post. I need time to compile my research findings in both subjects to provide you a clear, concise answer.