Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Abandoned Animals: Is the punishment severe enough?

Hello my beautiful feline friends and my cuddly human companions,

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a woman and her daughter abandoned at least twelve cats, two ferrets, and three dogs (one dead) in their rented trailer in rural East Huntingdon. It's suspected that some animals might be lingering about in the woods of the property so the actual number may be more.

Upon reading the article, I thought about this statement:
Ms. Bricker said a conviction for animal abandonment can carry a fine of up to $750 and 90 days in jail for each count.

Is this severe enough? According to Gorilla Dogs, it is a state jail felony in Texas that is punishable by a minimum of 180 days and a maximum of 2 years. There can also be a fine of $10,000. However, this law only applies to those animals which live in homes. It doesn't extend to animals released on highway roads or in farm fields. That action, which is only considered a Class A misdemeanor is hard to prosecute as someone must "witness" the crime and then have sufficient proof to bring charges.

What do you consider fair for those people who decide to leave their animals behind?

Bringing you things to think about,


Kukka-Maria said...

I say the humans should get spayed or neutered by veterinary students with sub-standard equipment.

But that is just one royal feline's opinion.

Mia and Ghost said...

Think humans who do this should be put in desert with no food & water. Then they can find their way out to a new home. Their property should be auctioned off and proceeds go to no kill animal shelters.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

So a maximum sentence on each count would convert to over 4 years in jail and over $12,000 in fines? Hopefully the judge they get will be an animal lover.

The Meezers said...

I think Mia and Ghost are on to something. Equal punishment - abandon them somewhere far far away from society, and sell their posessions.

Patches & Mittens said...

No punishment is tough enough, Mom says.....We, too, like Mia and Ghosts answer.......

Eternity said...

i wonder what happened to spca's petition for heavier penalty on cruel acts against animals. i signed it but haven't heard much afterwards.

DEBRA said...


Mia suggestion is perfect. I think we ought to start a petition and get all of our catpals to sign on and we all march on Washington...yeah we need to start a catnip grassroots movement!