Friday, July 02, 2010

Incoming fireworks

[Image from Life123]

While others may be enjoying the holiday festivities, this house is not. The roots have been banished from the main line running underneath the house as of last Saturday. As a result, it's time to remodel both rooms. The pet had a contractor come by on Wednesday, and they agreed to cut costs by having the pet do the prep work.

My 4th of July is looking promising in regards to fireworks. I am getting ready to observe the pet in action as she attempts to remove wallpaper from the guest bathroom and bedroom. This ought to be interesting.

I give her fifteen minutes until she breaks down and cries.



Angel and Kirby said...

You need to encourage your Pet. It is a hard job but we know she can do it!

Zeus said...

The pet is already frustrated as it seems the original builders didn't even complete the walls when they laid the wallpaper on top. It looks like she will be having her contractor rebuild the walls in the guest bathroom as well. :(