Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flea Games, Chapter 14: Peace talks

Zeus lifted his head from his beloved throne, e.g. the couch, and after a rather drawn out yawn, asked, "Did you find out what was happening in the garage?"

"Yes," Isis replied, but then ducked her head stating, "and no."

Zeus raised an eyebrow. It didn't take much to arouse his curiosity. He analytically stared at Isis as his mind raced. "Yes and no? Well, it can't be both. Tell me why you said yes."

Isis flashed a grin at him. "There are many of them. I always wanted to say 'They're heeeerrrrre,' and I might finally have my chance!"

Ignoring his sister's fascination for Poltergeist, Zeus asked, "Many of what?"

"Many of something." Isis began cleaning herself throughly as she continued talking. "I don't know what they are. They mentioned some guy named Fla...La...Fla...Ah...I don't know."

Zeus gasped, which in turn, caused his sister to stop and stare at him. "And you're sure they're still inside the garage?" Isis nodded. "Good, then I believe it's time for me to have a conversation."

The bright, orange tabby headed for the garage, and as he stepped through the convenient pet door, he could hear the millions of whisperings almost immediately. Lowering his head and perking his ears, he began to stalk towards the tiny rumbling of noise. Emotional cries and shouting fell upon him as he drew closer.

"She did not kill us, Harbali!"

"She was indeed merciful!"

"Why ever would she do that, Harbali?"

Zeus narrowed his eyes and focused his attention on the small flea in the center of the commotion. Though his feline sight was keen, he could not actually see the tiny creature's face. When the flea, supposedly named Harbali, spoke, however, Zeus felt his sincerity:

"Perhaps they are not truly infidels. Perhaps Ramzi was wrong."

A silence swept over the congregation. Zeus attempted to remain still, his muscles taunt. He wondered if the flea named Ramzi was nearby. He sensed that this conglomerate of fleas was about to reach a revelation.

One tiny brave flea voice sprung up suddenly: "But, Harbali, no one has ever challenged the will of Ramzi. What would you have us do? We must carry out his orders!"

Harbali strongly replied, "I would have you leave the so-called infidels be. I would have you return to the Red Caves. I would have you seek peace."

Zeus smiled to himself. If the fleas wanted peace, that was fine by him. He knew, though, that they would be hungry, and if they remained in the garage, they would succumb to the temptation that was his sister and him.

Unruffled, Zeus softly whispered, "Might I be of some assistance, my fellow flea brothers?"

Terrified feelers turned in his direction as the fleas faced him. A multitude of whispering sprung and wove itself through the crowd as the insects shivered in fear: "The ginger infidel!" "Flallah help us!" "Oh what have we done?!"

Harbali, however, stood and made his way through the throng. He approached cautiously, but within his heart, he held no fear. He had suspected all along that Ramzi's coup served other less than noble purposes, but now, as he stared at the 'ginger infidel', he knew his suspicions were correct.

He bowed deeply to the feline and said, "I am Harbali, and the fleas you see before you are members of Flarul Flislam. May Flallah grant you peace. It seems we have arrived at a crossroads of great importance, ginger one."

Zeus nodded. "Apparently so. I love learning of other customs and traditions, and if you were willing, perhaps we could sit and talk for a bit as I am not familiar with your congregation."

The flea agreed, so Zeus sat back on his haunches as thousands of fleas surrounded him. 'Just remain calm', he told himself. 'Just remain calm'.


Mack said...

WOW - What excitement you have in your garage!
All we have is some old dirty rugs.

Lois Lane/Laney said...

Hey, I used to shake uncontrolably during baths too. I think the main thing will be consistancy. When Ares learns that baths don't actually hurt him, they're just noisy and invading, he may learn to relax a bit. I did.
When he begins to trust your mom more, with time, I have no doubt he'll get better.
If he likes treats, I'd try slowly luring him to the bath area with them. Don't turn on the bath water until he's completely comfortable with the area first. Then, turn on the water, but without him in the tub, to get used to the noise. It's a really slow process, but I'm sure it'll pay off in the end!

Anonymous said...

OOOOH, I am wondering if Ares will be getting into the story - perhaps a flea invasion of Ares will occur?

Eric and Flynn said...

Jeepers Zeus! Are you sure you know what you are doing? Hope you are up to date on your Frontline, you're more than slightly outnumbered.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


I'm glad there are lots and lots and lots of miles between us NOW!


The Crew said...

How brave you are, Zeus, to place yourself amongst thousands of hungry fleas. I can only assume you're wearing "protection".


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Zeus, wow! You are quite amazing...

Angel said...

Mom has not read the other chapters so she printed hem off so she could read them in bed

Cory said...

Oh careful, you can't trust a hungry flea...and if they attack, tape worms can't be far behind...