Saturday, July 28, 2007

Zeus can do eeeet!

[Received via email:]

Wassup Zeus,

I heard you were in need of some encouragement for your Blogathon. I'm sending you this videoclip to help keep you motivated:

Remember: You can do eeeet! You can do eeeet all night long!


Dear Craaky,

Thank you for the videoclip! I suppose Adam Sandler's portrayal of an unlikely football hero who overcomes a speech impediment, is faithful to his mama, and wins the girl's heart in the end is just about as motivating as it can get. I feel tremendously inspired now!

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purrchance to dream said...

Hi Zeus!
We just wanted to say HOWDY and let you know that we think what you're doing is WONDERFUL and AMAZING.
Not The Mama always wanted to do something like this, but these blogathons always seem to happen on weekends like this - when there's a festival in town that he has to work!
But we wanted to say
Go Zeus!
Go Zeus!
Go Zeus!
We ♥ You and KNOW you can do it!
Go Zeus!

daphne & chloe & spooker & jazper
and not the mama

The Meezers said...

we are catching up on your posts - and mommy has this to say about the Ninja - "no freaking way in the werld anyfing is cuter than you in your ninja costume".