Saturday, July 28, 2007

A pet's broken heart

Hi Zeus,

We are just stopping by to wish you well and say HI!
Oh, we has a question: Does Phil Keogan from The Amazing Zeus still have a "thing" for your human pet?

Sammy and Miles Meezer

Dear Sammy and Miles,

I long suspected there was some tension between my good friend, Phil, and my human pet. After all: Every time the human pet saw Phil, she became a totally different person, passing out more often than not. One could not help but notice the way her eyes shimmered or how her cheeks became flush when she heard his knock on the door.

Though there may have been sparks in the beginning, they did not last. Shortly after The Amazing Zeus (see my Links' heading for all of the stories!) was canceled, Phil broke contact with me, and as a result, with my human pet as well. She was devastated! He never called. He never wrote. She had hoped that he would invite her to come along with him on The Amazing Race: All-Stars, but that was nothing more than a pipe dream.

I would be lying if I said I was not hurt by the fact that my human pet was abandoned. However, I know Phil is a busy man with many demands placed upon him, and I am sure he had not meant to intentionally break my pet's heart. It's just sad, though, to see her reduced to such a sniffling, weeping, moaning mess.

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The Meezers said...

oh Zeus, we are so sorry for your your pet's heartbreak. we didn't mean to bring up such bad memories.

thank you for answering our questions though.

But, there's something I really need to know: are you and Isis secretly married? I have been wondering about this after the revelation that Brach and Kukka were married. - Miles Meezer

purrchance to dream said...

not all men are mean old heartbreakers, but we're sorry that happened to your pet.
we convinced not the mama to put up a shout out to you on his bloggie,
It's A Blog Eat Blog World,
as a way of saying we support Zeus!

the gang from purrchance to dream

Beau said...

Zeus, I have 2 questions...

1)Does your human pet know Phil two-timed her by dating someone who had previously been on one of his islands? (Mom was heartbroken too, but decided he wasn't worth it.)

2)It seems I have become a chick magnet. I already have 2 girlfriends, 2 "little sisters" and more wannabes. How does one handle all this, especially being a Christian cat???