Sunday, July 29, 2007

Who's getting drunk dialed at 3 in the morning?

Dear Zeus,

So my Mom wants to know: What are cats really thinking of at 3 in the morning????


Dear Tara,

Such a fitting question considering the time! Let's see: What am I thinking of right now? For starters, I am wondering just how much more caffeine I can pump into my itsy-bity body. I know I said I was not going to consume any of the stuff, but it seemed inevitable once one o'clock in the morning reared its ugly head.

I am also wondering whether or not Lindsay Lohan is ever going to get her act together. How many more times do we need to see this female homo sapien in the news? Doesn't anyone offer to smack her? I think someone should have done a Blogathon for that charity: The Smack Lindsay Lohan Fund. I'd have definitely sponsored that.

Another thought on my mind is whether or not I could win The Singing Bee. I think Joey Fatone is a fantastic character, and I would certainly enjoy hamming it up on stage with him. I do have some singing experience, after all! Surely, I stand a chance.

Maybe it's time to make some drunk dials. Granted, the last time I picked up the phone while tanked, I ended up in hot water, but hey: You only live once!

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Dragonheart said...

Is caffeine safe for cats?

Good luck Zeus!

Andrew Odlum said...

I think all of us would sponsor the Lindsay Lohan suggestion.

Tyler said...

Yeaah for you Zeus! I hope you're still awake. Ironically, we are having problems sleeping over at my house. I bet you wouldn't mind trading places right about now. I could take over your blog and you could just take an hour or two snooze...If you have any sleeping remedies can you post those?
Sleepless Tyler
PS(I know I'm suppose to be nocturnal, but right now I'd rather not be.) Good luck to you. I don't know your time zone, but it's gotta be over soon.

I think cats that host 24 hour blogathons should be able to drink caffeine.

Zeus said...

Yes, it is almost over - only 8 more posts to go! I can almost see the finish line. I just don't know what I would have done if I didn't have such a fine group of readers who helped me with all of their encouragement and donations.

What an experience!

Sparky Duck said...

can you send some alcohol to lola and bettina, they are running around like they have ants in there tails