Monday, January 25, 2010

An unrecognized level of consciousness

Dear Zeus,

A human friend of the maid thinks that we cats are actually aliens, sent here to spy on humankind. She claims that when we put on our meditational face that we actually are communicating with the "mothership".

Where do you think humans get these strange ideas? Does your human buy into crap like this?

The Cat Realm

Dear Cat Realm,

In the earlier days of my blog, I actually did a story on this strange concept. Even now, Google searches provide tremendous insight into the phenomenon. I personally have not received correspondence with the "mothership", but I wouldn't be surprised if Isis had.

I honestly believe that some homo sapiens would rather concoct fantasies to escape the mundane realities that comprise their lives. I also think this is some form of feline oppression because if we are aliens, then why should we have such things as feelings, thoughts, or even rights? It's easier for homo sapiens to dismiss things that they do not understand as things they fear for if they were to actually attempt to learn about them, they might find out they have more in common with those misunderstood people, animals, or even aliens than they had originally thought.

As for my human pet: She's what I would call 'a paradox', buying into both faith and reason at any one particular moment. When it comes to this, though, her answer is strictly, "Are you beeping kidding me? As if..."


The Cat Realm said...

Thank you for that fabulous answer! Your story about cats as not aliens was VERY funny! We LOVE the litter circles.....
Here are some more:
How come that humans have opposable thumbs but cats are still smarter?
How many hours from the end of the Blogathon until you sit at the computer again....?

Creepy Guy Searching for you on Mylife said...

The signals I'm getting from the mother ship are what compels me to search for you

Zeus said...

Someone needs to see about blocking that transmission...

Vladimir said...

I believe people are aliens. It's obvious.