Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Let's Make a Deal

It's around eight o'clock,
to your comfy couch I flock,
and I wait for you to sit down.

I climb on your lap
while you stretch for a nap,
flipping through channels absently.

But it's then that you see
that man named Howie,
and you sit up straight in your seat.

There's twenty-six ladies smiling,
and then Howie is dialing
to find out what the myterious Banker has to say.

Howie asks his infamous question,
hands steepled per his discretion,
and you wait anxiously for the response.

"No Deal?!" you scream and jump off the seat,
Into the air I fly, head over feet,
shot like a canon off of the couch.

This is why I do not like Deal or No Deal:
The screams, shouts, or squeals,
and also flying is just not my thing.

So let's make a deal:
You stay seated and simply clap
while I get cozy and take a nap.


cat_aunty said...

Wow, Zeus, that was great!

The Meezers said...

great poem. Our mommy watched that last night too for a while - until Miles started yowling at her 'acause she was also screaming at the TV and he could not sleep eifurr. - Sammy

Kukka-Maria said...

There is something about humans and money that just don't mix. They are either yelling and screaming (with glee) or yelling and screaming (with sorrow).

I just don't get it!

Great poem, though. Do you know if they are taking applications for the suitcase ladies? I think I look great in a little, black dress!

Mama Duck said...

Lil' Duck learned to say "No DEAL!!!" last night, ha ha ha. Ok, if I was the 3 million guy, I'd be regretting that for the rest of my life - not that I would have ridden that all the way to the end, but you know. Imagine if he had..... yeah, I get too involved in a silly TV show. We even play the Lucky Case game online, someday we shall be rich, oh Zeusy ;).

Lilize said...

hahaha they have that tv show in brazil now. but i never really figured it out...

how have you been zeus??? long time no blog for me, been traveling!

DEBRA said...


I fink your adventure was better!


Renee said...

oh man! I missed the first show!! We were doing puzzles last night.

I had no idea that you were such a great poet and I'm sorry you were flung from the couch.

I once accidentally kicked my kitty from the foot of my bed. But to my defense, I had no idea that she was there. The next night she chose to sleep near my head instead and we all lived happily ever after.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Aeus that was just lyrical! We like the part about the lap and the nap best though.

Rascal said...

Well, that is very rude behavior on the part of your human if you ask Me. Your clever poem makes your point quite gallently, so hopefully things will change. If not, a couple of good biteys might be in order.

Colleen Gleason said...

Ohhh, poor Zeus!

I'm sure you put your tail straight up and showed your mommy your backside (and rightly so) as you padded calmly away.

William said...

Hmmm, well, good luck with that, Zeus.

Dachsies Rule said...

Poor Zeus,

Such a regal creature treated so badly. Are you sure you aren't part dog?

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Thats a vary insiteful poem. I hope yer purson agreed to the deal cause its soooo rude not to let yoo relax on her lap.

How wuld she like it if she was sleeping cuddled up to yoo and yoo jumped on her and started playing? Why dont yoo try it tonite to show her how rude it is!

Carmen said...

Zeus, I scare my kitty watching that too!

Human Pet, can you believe that one guy had the 3 mil in his case! Whew!

Renee said...

We watched last night and the lady sold her 1mil case for 701K...she could have gotten as much as 1.2mil if she had kept at it. But I'm sure she would be very happy with the 701K...but I had suggested that she keep at it. hee hee DH said to sell.

Fat Eric said...

We have that show, it is called "Deal or No Deal" here and it looks quite different. It is on as part of daytime TV and has Noel Edmonds (bearded cosy type) and definitely no sequinned ladies. And the top prize is only £100,000.

Happy0303 said...

I may be the only one who has never watched this show. Maybe it's because of Howie.