Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Tour de Force of Cows, Milk, Cheese, and Cats!

Hello feline friends and human housepets,

The past few days have been very busy as I am preparing to conclude my travels. It seems I have five or six more stops along my journey, and then it will all be over. I can hardly believe it! The response from everyone has been so overwhelming!

Take for example these two postcards:
Postcard #1...Front:

Hello from Wisconsin



Please come to Madison! There are many fings to see here. The capitol, the UW, the Arboretum, Olbrich Gardens, the Memorial Union... Mom says The House on the Rock is a "classic" destination, but crowded. We'll see!


Postcard #2...Front:

The University of Wisconsin


Hey Zeus!

Come visit us in the Dairy State. Madison is beautiful right now an there are lotsa birds to see!

Your friend,


So I was already very pumped to go to the grand state of Wisconsin, but then I received a special card in the mail as well:


Diary of a Housecat
1:30-2:30: Cleaned butt
2:30-3:30: Slept
3:30-4:30: Cleaned butt
4:30-5:30: Slept
5:30-6:30: Cleaned butt
6:00-7:00: Did something so adorable humans kissed me on the lips.


7:00-7:30: Snickered. (Hee Hee!)

The Amazing Zeus, Cat Blogger and World Traveler -

Obviously there don't know what full lives we lead!

We can't wait until you get here! Bring Isis...she and Tipper can go shopping while you hang out with Max and me.

The Crew

And then as if that wasn't enough to get me really, really excited, I got a special email from my friend, Derby, asking me to visit him as well when I go to Wisconsin! It is going to be such a special trip this time that I think it might be what the homo sapiens call "a tour de force"!

I cannot wait to meet each and every one of you, and I plan to ask Isis to come along Tipper, but don't get your hopes up. (You know how she can be...)


Les Trois Chats said...

Wow, you have lots of friends in Whiskonsin!! Have fun visiting them!

PrincessMia said...

Whiskonin needs you Zeus! I gotted your postcard yesterday. Thank you. Beanmom let me put my stinky rub on it and the she putted it on the bulletin board in my office. You can visit me anytime.

Midnight said...

Wow...Whiskonsin. Kewl. My mom is a Greenbay Packer fan. Sometimes she tries to put the mini helmut she has on me but I run of course.

Zeus have fun.

buddyhcat said...

Dude! How fun for you. Bring back some birds :)

Lone Star Purrs said...

Isis is welcome to come wif you when you come to Colorado to visit us....did you get our postcard? ::purrss::
~Meeko and Kiara

Fat Eric said...

Wow, it sounds like you have a big trip ahead of you. And some great kitties to go and visit. I just got a box today from Wisconsin, it was from Derby and it was Vir-ginger's sister Mandy! Photos on my blog. Did you get a kitty from Derby?

Ayla said...

They have lots of cheese there? Maybe I'll plan a trip there myself. Have fun Zeus!

Derby said...

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Zeus. I will be watching for you from the front window.

Zeus said...

Lone Star Purrs - Yes, I got your postcard, and I plan on visiting you soon!

Fat Eric - I did get a kitty from Derby, but he has not arrived yet. His name is Blackie, and we cannot wait to meet him!

Derby - I promise you: It's going to be a blast!

Lone Star Purrs said...

We can't hardly wait!!!

Hot(M)BC said...

I hopes you have lotsa fun, Zeus!

(and the gang)

Victor Tabbycat said...

Oh, oh, oh, Zeus is coming! Zeus is COMING HERE! I'm so acited! I gotta sit in the window an watch for him. Zeus is coming!

Bonnie Underfoot said...

This had better be worth it. Victor's crazier than usual.