Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Isis is a no-go for The Amazing Zeus

Hello my feline friends and human pets,

Over the holiday weekend, Phil tried speaking to Isis to see if she would come along with me for The Amazing Zeus. He lured her with catnip (much to my dismay), fed her sardines, and even tried snuggling with her on the couch. My sister, however, was not budging. She simply refuses to come along with me.

I'm not entirely sure why she doesn't want to come. She said, "Knowing you, something bad will happen to me." I told her that the Catolympics had started with the torch relay. Bangles and Bombay just finished a trek from Singapurr to London to pass the torch to Fat Eric. Fat Eric traveled from London to New Hampshire to pass the torch to Harper, Ramona, and Brendan. Nothing happened to any of them. They all arrived safe and sound without a scratch on them.

You'd think that would convince her otherwise, but it hadn't.

"You'll say anything to get your way," she said.

Sometimes, her paranoia hurts...

Phil is extremely disappointed. He says that when he saw Empress Kukka-Maria comment on team members, it only seemed natural to include Isis. He worries now that viewers will not tune in for one single cat when it would have been a more captivating experience with the two of us.

"That's just part of the flair of when you have two people, Zeus. You never know how they will interact under stress," he said.

However, I really don't want to travel with stress. I think that it might be alright if Isis just stays here. After all, then I can enjoy myself without having to worry about her or her silly phobias.


Kukka-Maria said...

Wait a second...my comment made Phil think of ISIS?

I must have been typing in a foreign language (many of which I speak fluently, making me a solid choice for a travel companion), because I did not mean for you to choose your sister for your partner in crime.


Zeus said...

I'm sure I can talk to Phil and see if you would be a good candidate to be my partner, Kukka-Maria. I'm sure he only thought of Isis first because she's right here in The House with me so it would be easy to coordinate everything. It definitely wasn't because she is prettier or more fabulous than you.

Fat Eric said...

Ooh, I think Kukka-Maria's presence on the show would definitely draw in the viewers, Zeus. You should definitely think of including her. We posted our postcard to you today from London, I hope it gets there safely, let us know if it hasn't arrived in a week or two!

DEBRA said...


I agree with Eric. You should ask Kukka if she wants to come on The Amazing Zeus ... it sure would increase your ratings!