Monday, April 10, 2006

New human pets

Hola y como estas mis gatos y humanos?

It has been three days since my human has decided to have two young ladies join us in this abode. There are now three women and myself living under one roof, and of course, there is Isis. However, she is spayed, and I do not know if I should count her as a female or not.

(I do hope my assumption that Isis is illiterate be correct for this could prove disastrous if she were to read the above statement.)

With two new humans, life has been different. Getting new pets is always a challenge, especially when one is set in her ways. It is best to have the new pet and the old meet one another in small amounts of time so that they can acclimate to one another. Fights for dominance are to be expected, but in time, they can learn to get along with one another if you set the right example and have some firm boundaries. Never forget to always observe and monitor those intial interactions so that you can break up fights if need be.

So far, no one has failed to obey my cries for food and water, and my liter box has been spotless. I am happy in this respect.

I only have two complaints. The first is that now my human closes her door to her room and neglects the fact that I must sleep on her comfortable and cozy comforter. I shall try clawing at the baseboards to drive this point home to her in the future, but I suspect that once she is relaxed with the new humans, she will revert to her old behavior.

The second is that the two new humans have taken a liking to Isis and listen to her more than me. I suppose there's no accounting for tastes.

It is time for my evening romp through the living room in order to entertain that little rascal, Isis, so you will have to excuse me.

Until the next time, my feline friends and upright humans,

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