Sunday, September 05, 2010

Perry Purrs

[Photo from TopNews]

Katy Perry will be launching her feline-themed fragrance named Purr in November. The perfume, rumored to smell of apples, peaches, and bamboo, will come in a cat-shaped bottle complete with bejeweled eyes. When it came to naming her fragrance, Perry apparently found inspiration with phonemes:
"I'm a very lyrical-based person, and the whole 'purr' thing kept coming back - the sound is in perfume, perfect, even Perry if you say it a certain way."
My own perfume line will be coming this spring. It's called Zoo. It will reek remind you of the choking savory scent of liter dust maple wood chips and rotten fresh bananas.


Anonymous said...

I like your brand of perfume; maybe you can try to bottle and sell it to our fellow felines.
Jake the red tabby.

The Paw Relations said...

MOL! We like the sound of your Perfume Zeus.