Friday, July 16, 2010

Don't Stop Believin': An exploration into what it takes for a cat to type

To answer dear Sarah's curious statement, the road to typing was a long and arduous one for me. I already had the distinct disadvantage of losing one of my digits thanks to evolution. I had to modify the way I interacted with the keyboard which meant I needed to know what I was up against. Therefore, I practiced first on my Playstation 2.

Playing with the various games gave me a better sense of control and helped me gain flexibility in my four remaining digits. The entertaining visual display provided me with constant feedback in how I was performing. Hence, I learned how to manage the buttons quickly.

After that, it was merely a matter of generalizing my skills to the keyboard. Occasionally, I do have a bit of trouble, especially when it comes to capitalization. It took me lots of practice to go from this:


To this:

For the love of all that's holy!

It takes effort to hold the shift key and then press a letter. Hell, it takes a lot of effort to even hold myself upright to type this post. I sure hope my readers appreciate everything I go through. This shit doesn't come easy!



The Paw Relations said...

We are in awe of your pawsome typing skills

JudyAdamsonArtandDesign said...

How do you get on with the mouse? :)

Simba said...

Well done, Zeus. I just use a scribe, the Mom.

Angel and Kirby said...

You are a better typist than our Mom! She cant spell for poop!

Eric and Flynn said...

We bow to your superiority Zeus, we have to get our mum to help us.

The Crew said...

Like Simba, I dictate to my secretary.


The Meezers or Billy said...

your typing skillz are amazing!

Entre Nous said...

Oh I just love this, sent the link to all my cat people. The mouse comment is the bomb!