Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All Aboard The Ares Anal Express!

The pet came home to find Ares had an open wound on his butt. She freaked out (shocking, I know...) and rushed to the emergency clinic. Turns out Ares can't "express" himself properly. He has an infected anal gland. The best part, however, is...

He has to wear this beautiful collar! BWHAHAHAHAHAH!

Hmm... Maybe he likes it? Dammit!



Angel and Kirby said...

Hahaha! Can not 'express' himself! I know it is not a laughing matter, but you make it sound funny. We hope he gets better soon.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Is that like The Marakesh Express?


The Paw Relations said...

Oh dear, we hope Ares feels better soon.

But that collar is funny!

The Crew said...

OK, how does wearing a collar help his butt?

Eric and Flynn said...

He looks pee'd off in the first photo. Hope he soon feels better.