Sunday, July 29, 2007

You'll never think of tampons the same way again

Dear Zeus,

Where do you think Isis' obsession with tampons comes from?

The Cat Realm

Dear Cat Realm,

The easiest (and most sexist answer) would be because she is female. However, since I know much more is expected of me in terms of reasoning, I would have to offer this theory:

The cotton of the tampon represents the comforting womb from which Isis was born. The cardboard applicator represents the protective lining of her mother, that which she burst through to come into this world. The string, following this logic, is the umbilical cord.

Using Freudian logic, one can then deduce that Isis has a deep loathing towards her mother for birthing her into this world. Hence, she takes out her destructive nature on the tampons, trying to expand the womb from whence she came. It is why she is so obsessed with it for she is continuously trying to return to it.

Overall, though, I think it might be safe to just say because she's female.

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jane said...

Keep going Zeus, only a few hours to go!!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Hi, Zeus. Jake just woke Mom up by scratching on the floor length mirror. This is his signal that he wants to go out. Since he's peed in the house before--and I don't mean the litter box--she heeds his annoying call. What is your favorite way to get your human pet to do your bidding?


Jake and Bathsheba said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Kaze the cat has a thing with tampons too, but I am not interested in them at all.


Pablo said...

Maybe it means I have latent female tendencies, but I think they look like heaps of fun to play with... who could resist such stringy, mouse-like toys? I've never been allowed to play with one, though. Keep blogging, Zeus! Nearly there!