Saturday, July 28, 2007

What is this prewriting you speak of?

Simba asked, "Knowing how fond cats are of napping, did you and your human pet have to prepare some posts in advance to help you to make it through the 24 hours?"

Well, Simba, I definitely would be lying if I said, "No, that thought never crossed my mind!" The whole concept of Blogathon, however, is for blogging to be spontaneous and continuous throughout the 24 hour period. Prewritten posts are, therefore, discouraged. I believe the only exceptions would be for artwork or stories.

Most of what you will see on the blog today will be spur-of-the-moment posting. The only planned event I had was a story entitled, Flea Games, which, at the moment, totals ten chapters. The beauty of that, though, is I will have to complete the story in the thirty minute increments as it remains unfinished. That should be interesting!

Do you have a question you would like for me to answer during Blogathon 2007? Leave it in the comments! By leaving a question, you help the cause as I will have plenty to blog about for the next 22 hours.


Cyclone Cats said...

Hi Zeus!

We've been reading your blog for a while.

We are curious about your sister, Isis. Doesn't she have anything to say?

Jesse and
Conner Cloud

HRH Yao-Lin said...

Dear Zeus

When my human tries to get onto your blog from work it blocks her because of the letters zeu s-e-x cuse in the address. This really annoys her. Any ideas how she can get round this? I told her to do actual work instead of blog surfing but apparently she isn't keen on this idea.

Congrats on a great cause by the way xx

Hot(M)BC said...

Maybe we could pitch in and get Zeus a forwarding url and that would fix it for humans who wanna visit from work. I wonder what the work places do with real sites that have sex in the name by accident. There must be some.

Go Zeus! :)