Saturday, July 28, 2007

No bebere absolutamente eso!

Dear Zeus,

Has your pet tried the new coffee flavored Coke?

Sammy and Miles Meezer

Dear Sammy and Miles,

No, she has not, and she will not. She says that's blasphemous to combine two elixirs of life into one steaming pile of crap. Clearly, as always, she's a bit melodramatic over the whole thing.

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The Meezers said...

i don't think it's 'posed to be steaming. hahahahaha. our mommy tried some beer with coffee in it last week. she says that it holds to her age old belief that alcohol and caffeine combined will never make you drunk - depressant + stimulant = normal. we think she's just WEIRD.

Sparky Duck said...

oh I have a question!!

from Lola and Bettina,

they ask why as felines are so darned attracted to lightening bugs and why do the big people like to get rid of them.

The Cat Realm said...

We are so impressed with you! Blogging for 24 hours and making the human pet help you!
How did you convince the human pet to help you with such an ordeal?
How did you and Isis chose your names?
And Anastasia wants to know if she should wear a hat, or a wig, or no head accessories at all for her first date with Monte - you as a manly mancat might know what would really impress Monte the most....

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Zeus, do you represent the entire cat blogosphere in this 24-hour endeavor? We're grateful to have such a worthy representative. Best of luck until 8 a.m.


Hot(M)BC said...

hehehehehe That stuff does sound weird!