Sunday, July 29, 2007

The legend of the lightning bugs

Dear Zeus,

Why are felines so darned attracted to lightning bugs, and why do the big people like to get rid of them?

Lola and Bettina

Dear Lola and Bettina,

Strangely enough, the reason felines are attracted to lightning bugs stems from an old legend my mother used to tell me when I was but a wee kitten:

Once upon a time, there was a precocious kitten who always had his nose into everything. Near to where the kitten lived stood a towering black mountain, its top covered in rings of smoke and cloud. The kitten had always wondered why the mountain was so black, and one day, he decided to investigate.

When he arrived at the base of the mountain, it was as if night had fallen even though he had set out on his journey with the sun high in the sky. The kitten knew that the mountain would not be so depressing if only he could find a way to bring light to its cliffs. Remembering the lightning bugs that lived in the forest, the kitten turned around to seek their aid.

The lightning bugs did not immediately listen to the kitten's pleas for help. They had no interest in the black mountain, and they were content to light up the trees. In order to gain their assistance, the kitten had to swat, jump, and pounce upon them until they cried mercy. Once their promise had been made, the lightning bugs followed the kitten to the black mountain.

The light those bugs brought to the mountain was truly glorious. What once had been dark now shone with brilliance. The clouds parted. The smoke lifted. The kitten knew that he had done something no other had done before him nor would do ever again.

So it is with all felines as they now attempt to coerce the lightening bugs for only felines know the true depth of power these creatures hold. Where darkness lies, so will a cat...only to wait for the promise of the lightning bugs to be fulfilled once more.

As for the humans, they're clueless as always.

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The Cat Realm said...

WOW - that was a great story! Thank you for telling it.
One more thing before we retire:
A human friend of the maid thinks that we cats are actually aliens, send here to spy on humankind. She claims that when we put on our meditational face that we actually are communicating with the "mothership".
Where do you think humans get these strange ideas? Does your human buy into crap like this?

The Meezers said...

great story Zeus. Are you going to be submitting some stories for the next We Are the Kitties book that Max is doing? This would be a great one - and your multipart flea story would be great too!

Zeus said...

The poor flea story is not finished, and I'm wondering if I am going to have the inner drive to complete it during the 'Thon. I'll probably end up posting installments throughout the week as I just enjoyed the concept too much to let it go.

I'd love to submit something to the upcoming book - writers always like getting their work out there. ;)

Sparky Duck said...

great story Zeus, Lola and Bettina actually listened as I read it to them, or I had a bug in my hair, one or the other