Saturday, July 28, 2007

Grab the Kleenex

Dear Zeus,

Does your human pet know Phil two-timed her by dating someone who had previously been on one of his islands? (Mom was heartbroken too, but decided he wasn't worth it.)


Dear Beau,

Now she does.

Thanks a lot.

She's bawling her eyes out.


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The Meezers said...

oh crappity crap crap crap - now OUR mommy is bawling too. AND she's heading for the Ben and Jerry's. looks like dinner is gonna be late.

Edsel/The Pooch said...

oh it was bad to leak the info....but good that you're doing your long blog. we're goin' over to donate right now and hope that some nice kitty gets helped. i wish i was closer and could bring you some shrimps or somethin' to help maintain your energy

Sparky Duck said...

Phil? whose Phil?

Beau said...

Sorry to have made matters worse. Maybe she can talk to DOCTOR Phil about it??? I'll be happy to help her find another Phil if she likes!

Question for ISIS: I know you're probably not as Zeus says you are, but would you be even LESS crazy if he let you blog once in a while and get everything out, and what about Blackie???????