Monday, July 03, 2006

Finding out where the columbines grow!

Hello feline friends and human pets!

Today, when the human pet brought the mail back, she let out a deep sigh of wonder. She had in her hands another postcard for me, and though I could have reprimanded her for looking at someone else's mail, I let it go. She seemed particularly fascinated with this one, and I wasn't sure why until I after I read it:

United States Air Force Academy
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Zeus! :)

We hope you can make it out to colorful Colorado! ! We can show you the Academy with its HUGE metal monsters, Garden of the Gods, and Pike's Peak. The ski season is over fur now :( but maybe you could come back this winter.

Meeko, Kiara, and Momma Becca

Now I know why the human pet was so insanely jealous! The human pet has always wanted to visit this state to see the beautiful natural scenery and to learn more about Native American cultures. However, she'll have to plan her own trip because I'm going to Colorado tomorrow!

Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow, Lone Star Purrs,


Lone Star Purrs said...

Whoo hoo!!! We can't wait!! Momma is leaving tomorrow, but...Uncle Dan is taking her to the C. Springs airport, he could pick you up! AND...he can take us all around town and show us all the cool stuff up at the Academy. He won't mind. Momma's said that she's not gonna be here. See you tomorrow!!
::purrs & headbutts::

Lone Star Purrs said...

whoops...momma's SAD that sh'e snot gonna be here. heehee...claws got in the way.

brandi said...

I would tell you to say hello to my mama's sister, but she isn't that crazy about cats (silly bean). She is in Colo Spgs, too.
Mama says the mountains are AWESOME, and the Garden of the Gods is overpowering. Lucky you!!

Hot(M)BC said...

That sounds like fun, Zeus. Have a great time with the Lone Star Purrs.

~~ Boni

Victor Tabbycat said...

My beans visited Colorado a few times. It's bootiful an has lotsa big mountains. Mom says Pike's Peak has a special DOG railroad... Dog? Oh, COG railroad, whatefur that is. Haf a great time!