Saturday, June 24, 2006

Majulah Singapura!

Good afternoon, feline friends and human pets!

I was relaxing in the midafternoon sun when the human pet laid another postcard on my lap. I was so excited that I immediately began to read:

Hello Zeus,

Finally, a postcard from moi, The Letter B! What can I say but please, please put this wee islet on your itinerary. Heh. Or you could persuade your mom to take you here for vacation so that I could show you around to places where the local cats hang out. :D More specifically, the real "Singapura" cats, with more varieties certainly! Really, it's a tad unfair for the "pure breed" to usurp the name, and they don't actually represent the meowies! Anyways, I'm running out of space, I'll write more soon. Before I forget, hello Marina! Hello Isis! Oh, and here's my address (editted for content!) Hope to hear from you soon! :)

Ange Teo / The Letter B

Unbelievable! I am going to Singapore either tomorrow or the next day! I say that because I may leave tomorrow, but actually arrive there on Monday since it takes a whole day to travel there! I guess I better start packing some snacks and drinks now, yes?

I look forward to meeting you The Letter B, and I also look forward to meeting Bangles and Bombay from 5-Cat Style and the Flyer who also sent me a very nice email! Wow! Singapore here I come! Expect me by Monday!!


Midnight said...

That sounds extremely fun-fun-fun! Do they have sushi there??

the letter b said...

oooh, this is exciting! can't wait to give you a warm welcome Zeus! hope Marina would be okay with the idea of you traveling to the other side of the planet though..

hmmm, i'd better go buy some premium kibbles for you to snack on.. oh, and we have plenty of Starbucks over here too :D

until then, toodles!

midnight: oh yes, we have plenty of sushi here :) one of the top "foreign" foods enjoyed by the natives here. anyways, do drop by this wee island as and when you can, yes?

cat_aunty said...

Zeus is looking particularly handsome in the sunlight.

KXBC said...

Oh, the mighty traveller is coming to Singapurr. *very excited*

From the orange little kitty in Singapurr, General Yuan Yuan

=^..^= said...

YIPPEEE!!!!!! Zeus, purrliss visit a furry interesting icon of ours... it's the Merlion... a half-lion, half-fishy and it spurts out water too!

Hope you get here safe and sound. And hope you dun mind the heat, humidity and rain in Singapurr.

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!

~Bombay & Bangles

Victor Tabbycat said...

Wif so many Singapurr kitties, you might need two days, Zeus! Say hi to Bangles, Bombay, Gucci, and little Tiffy from us, and the gang with B.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

How far away and exotic! Hope your passport is all in order.

PrincessMia said...

beanmom says traveling to Singapurr is like time travel because you lose a day when you go but then you get it back when you come back. Can't wait to read about this adventure! Be safe!