Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, my feline and human friends,

The excitement has dwindled down, and my human pet is getting ready for bed. It was a very eventful day, or so it seemed to me. It started off with breakfast of Purina Cat Chow: Indoor Formula for me and coffee and a bagel for the human pet. It moved into lunch which was Purina Cat Chow: Indoor Formula for me, and quite a spread for the human pet.

Why humans eat so many different foods when there is perfectly good Purina Cat Chow is beyond me. I mean, honestly: Why waste all that money when you can just stick to what works?

Anyhow, she had roasted leg of lamb, roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn souffle, stuffed tomatoes with arborio rice, parmesan bread, and deviled eggs. She was going to make a salad, but then decided she would abandon the idea. All I can say for the food is it looked and smelled good. I never get any drippings or hand-me-downs from the table.

Isis, though, ate some lamb. Curses.

Till the next time, my friends. It's time to dream of bunnies and eggs and how I can best tangle myself in Easter basket grass!


pandora and charlie said...

Hey Zeus Dude!! :-)

Thanks for visiting our blog - always good to meet new poodins and you are a handsome ginger boy, just like me....

We will instruct our Mum to add your linkies to our blog.

btw - great post on catnip, luckily neither me nor Pandy indulge.....


The Meezers said...

Happy Easter Zeus and Isis!